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relatively small compact tawny-brown heron with nocturnal habits and a booming cry

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A number of potential predator species were observed (Black-Crowned Night Herons, American Bitterns, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Turtles and Bullfrogs) but the vast majority were Little Green Herons.
American bitterns wearing transmitters on a bib instead of a backpack will tell John Toepfer, a biologist in Plover, Wisconsin, where this secretive marsh bird spends the winter.
Graceful egrets and herons now haunt the lake's marshes and shores, along with more elusive shorebirds such as American bitterns, whose call sounds like a giant frog croaking.
Those enjoying field trips and walking tours did indeed see a pair of American bitterns and hear the northern waterthrush calling.
Is that an American bittern camouflaged by cattails?
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