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large shaggy-haired brown bison of North American plains

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He paved the way for the conservation movement and, in 1905, formed the American Bison Society with William Hornaday to save the disappearing bison.
The problems created by open-access resources can be illustrated by recalling the fate of the American bison.
He slaughtered his first animal at 18 and has since butchered innumerable goats, cows, chickens, sheep, peafowl, pigeons, bulls, American bison, and buffalo: If it's kosher, he has probably killed it.
Unlike them, he was an important part of the first systematic effort to save the American bison from extinction, and was active in buffalo conservation in Canada (as well as early conservation efforts for other species such as pronghorn antelope).
In case you're wondering, a beefalo is a cross between domestic cattle and North American bison.
I particularly enjoyed the tale of the male American bison which, to a "s gtt to attract a mate, "spray the ground with their urine then roll in it".
Formartine has three ostriches while 20 North American bison roam the plains of Kincardine and Mearns.
School mascots, state flags, tribal reservations, coins and parks all use the American bison as a symbol of pride and history.
It should be noted that one of the families/species was the American bison, which is maintained in captivity.
Tribal leaders are working with state officials to restore wild American bison (their formal name) to the Great Plains.
Upon entering the exhibit, one passed a transparent cloth room divider on which was printed the photograph of a lone American Bison standing in the wide expanses of South Dakota's Wind Cave National Park.
Credit for making this possible belongs to a dedicated group of conservationists who in 1905 formed the American Bison Society (ABS) and established herds from the few remaining plains bison stock.
In this recipe, adapted from one by the National Bison Association, you'll see the cross-cultural influence of Asian and South American ingredients combined with North American bison meat.
Her and her husband Colin, say goodbye to the American bison tonight as they welcome a rare and dangerous antelope to his new home.
European bison -- or Wisent, a German cousin of the American bison -- were once abundant on the territory of what is now the Czech Republic, but gradually fell victim to hunters and deforestation.
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