American alligator

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large alligator of the southeastern United States

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Parental exposure to pesticides and poor clutch viability in American alligators. Environ.
The American alligator, which escaped extinction 65 million years ago, was nearly wiped out in the marshes and swamps of Louisiana and Florida in the last century.
Determinate growth and reproductive lifespan in the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis): evidence from long-term recaptures.
Alligators typically lack the saltwater glands to survive in coastal waters, but American alligators are gaining tolerance and are spotted more frequently on ocean beaches, leading to chances of encounters with sharks. 
Fish and Wildlife Service determined that the American alligator was "threatened with extinction" and classified it as endangered under the Endangered Species Preservation Act, (10) the predecessor to what is arguably the most powerful federal environmental law on the books today, the Endangered Species Act.
Gastric nematode diversity between estuarine and inland freshwater populations of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis, Daudin 1802), and the prediction of intermediate hosts.
That's exactly what happened with one iconic North American predator: the American alligator. At one time, there was doubt about whether the species would survive.
Caption: Reptile rethink Lungs of an American alligator have a more birdlike airflow than biologists imagined, as does the savannah monitor lizard (bottom row).
In a partnership with the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, Lou began his studies on the reproduction of the American alligator, for which he became world famous.
That's 13 inches longer than the organization's previous world record American alligator, which had been killed in Texas.
But scientist Dr Helen Czerski, does get uncomfortably close to an American alligator which uses the vibrations of its entire body to make fountains of dancing water.
intravenous administration in the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis).
What do the American alligator and the bald eagle have in common with the Oregon chub?
"By finally recognizing that it is a unique species, we are in a much better position to advance its conservation and ensure its future." Shirley likened the plight of the West African slender-snouted croc to the American alligator, which was on the cusp of extinction in the 1960s, but because it was protected, can now be easily observed in nature, be legally harvested at times, and helps drive Florida's tourism economy.
The Scabbard can be crafted using high-grain horsehide as well as exotic trim or full exotic coverage (shark, elephant, stingray, American alligator, etc.) to create a quality, comfortable IWB holster to match your unique personality.
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