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McDonald said the Zweig American Ale isn't bitter and has a nice malt flavor of toasted bread and caramel.
Deuhs noted, "and we are truly proud to resurrect this classic American ale."
Jackson is being featured in Budweiser American Ale print and point-of-sale marketing, and the brand will have a presence at professional kayaking events throughout the year.
It is dry-hopped with CTZ and Chinook, and fermented with a White Labs American Ale yeast.
Bud Light Golden Wheat, a spiced light wheat, had a pretty good first year at a million cases, and Budweiser American Ale saw 20 percent growth in its second year.
While we drank complimentary Budweiser American Ale, Atlanta rapper Pill wandered around with a box of Ritz crackers.
reportedly plans to launch Budweiser American Ale, a darker, richer version of Budweiser lager beer.
So did much of the crowd, thanks both to Hamilton's performance and the free Budweiser American Ale. That is if they could get to the bar--the room was packed the whole night to see our cover star give his hometown paean to "Brooklyn Girls."
Collins, CO, released its sixth Woodcut series beer, an oak-aged American ale featuring Mosaic hops.
So when Budweiser American Ale came across my desk (dropped from the talons of an eagle draped in the stars and bars) I was skeptical.
Collage is essentially a strong American ale. It's got a deep layered malt character, thanks to Adam and the Stoic, lots of hop thanks to Fred, and a Brettanomyces wild card thrown in, courtesy of the Dissident.
Undercover Shut Down would fit under the rubric of strong American ale, but that's a pretty broad definition, particularly these days The "imperial mild" designation is interesting, because we've always had a soft spot for milds, but if we had to classify it--and I guess for the purposes of this column, we do--we'd actually call it a badeywine.
real shelf appeal), Budweiser American Ale (A proudly Ail-American
"You are going to see mostly American ales and the latest and greatest type of American ales," he said.
So, on that theme, here's Nathan Bevan's selection of gifts to slake even the most parched imbiber's thirst for something cool 1 BEERLY BELOVED Cherry-picked from the creme de la creme of US microbrewies, such as Brooklyn, Anchor Steam, Odell, Sierra Nevada, Goose Island and Flying Dog, this collection is a must have for fans of American ales and beers.
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