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Synonyms for actor

a theatrical performer

one who participates

Synonyms for actor

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The Ethiopian Airline Twitter page also made a post acknowledging her presence in their flight "It's our honour to have the renowned Eritrean - American Actress, comedian and Author, Tiffany Haddish on board Ethiopian Airlines on her way to Asmara."
Tran, who played Rose in The Last Jedi , is the first Asian American actress to win a prominent role in any Star Wars film.
But more than this, the two people involved were exceptionally appealing ones - a prince who had chosen to fight with other ordinary British soldiers in Afghanistan and an American actress who had starred in a television series for seven years.
Meghan Markle is an American actress from Los Angeles, California.
American actress Sharon Stone will present the film Kurmanjan Datka at a premiere in Los Angeles (USA), director of the film Sadik Sher-Niyaz told AKIpress on Wednesday.
American actress Mia Farrow, 68, raised eyebrows Tuesday when she suggested that her son Ronan Farrow was fathered by Frank Sinatra but Frank Sinatra's widow Barbara is certain that Farrow's claim is bunk.
The 16-year-old American actress confessed that she tries to watch as much of the show as she can whenever she is over in the UK.
Summary: American actress Rosario Dawson has been talking about her love for London, at the UK premiere of her latest film, Trance.
Born today Ozzy Osbourne, English singer, 63; Mel Smith, English comedian, 59; Eamonn Holmes, Northern Irish TV presenter, 52; Daryl Hannah, American actress, 51; Julianne Moore, American actress, 51, right; David Villa, Spanish footballer, 30.
American actress Lindsay Lohan received a court order to stay in rehab, on Friday, after failing a random drug test last month while still on probation for drunk driving and drug abuse in 2007.
Summary: Rabat - American actress Sigourney Weaver will chair the jury of the short film contest open for students from the Moroccan film institutes, which is initiated by the International Film Festival of Marrakesh (FIFM).
AMERICAN actress, singer and storyteller Ilene Evans visited Bahrain yesterday to mark Black History Month, which is celebrated in the US each February.
The American actress, visibly shivering at the event in London's Leicester Square last night, stars in the British-based comedy.
1972: Gwyneth Paltrow, 34, American actress. 1962: Peter Hooton, 44, musician.
The two interlocutors--an androgynous art student with a thick accent and an African American actress, both hired by the artist--never inquire directly about political parties or current events, but the responses they receive are perhaps unsurprisingly, given the political climate, addressed largely to these subjects nevertheless.
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