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To add to his bewildering multiple identities, he had put on a fake American accent and name while working at a previous job, be told me.
Hearing football spoken about intelligently by someone with an American accent is excellent.
He was one of the only actors able to sustain an American accent throughout the whole show and had depth to his performance.
A significant investment of time and resources would have been required to create the infrastructure to support the application, and to handle hosting and management of the learning sites for such major clients as USA Fund (Sallie Mae), Paramount Parks, American Accent Training, PODS and Allied Waste Industries.
As opposed to a phoney American accent, which most singers automatically adopted.
She also said she is nervous about using an American accent in upcoming movie roles.
But eventually it became an affected American accent, which was transatlantic and dated.
WOLF HALL star Damian Lewis has revealed his failed attempt to use gangster film Goodfellas to help with his American accent in his new TV show.
Mackay-Steven revealed in Record Sport yesterday he used a dodgy American accent to surprise a fan walking past with the club's new home kit on.
THE British star of the hottest movie at the Sundance Film Festival has revealed that Friends re-runs and the Kardashians helped her perfect her American accent.
ACTOR Eoin Macken expects his attempt at an American accent to be mocked when his US show is screened here at Christmas.
7 MARTIN FREEMAN Star of The Office, Sherlock and The Hobbit films, Freeman did a fine job at an American accent for the TV adaptation of the Coen Brothers' Fargo.
Nick Pike There's been worse attempts at the American accent from Brit actors .
Washington, Jan 22 ( ANI ): Keira Knightley has revealed that she had "a lot of fun" learning an American accent for 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' and found it helpful being surrounded by an American cast.
Later chapters cover the general American accent, the Midwest, the South, African-American vernacular English, Caribbean and Hispanic accents, urban accents of four major cities, and Canadian English and French accents.
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