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I have a cut-off point of having to repeat myself three times before I switch to Comedy American Accent, which sounds a bit like Billy Connolly doing an impression of someone from Friends.
And then there's Hawking's insistence that his speech synthesizer, which gives him a curiously American accent, has had this consequence: "With the American accent, I've had far more success with women.
Nick Pike There's been worse attempts at the American accent from Brit actors .
Washington, Jan 22 ( ANI ): Keira Knightley has revealed that she had "a lot of fun" learning an American accent for 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' and found it helpful being surrounded by an American cast.
Later chapters cover the general American accent, the Midwest, the South, African-American vernacular English, Caribbean and Hispanic accents, urban accents of four major cities, and Canadian English and French accents.
Francis, speaking Italian with a slight Latin American accent, joked with the crowd before delivering his blessing, saying: "As you know the duty of the conclave is to give Rome a bishop.
The talk show host then proceeded to mock Sofia's South American accent.
Barnes She has an American accent and has stayed in the Swansea, Pontardawe and Milford Haven areas in recent weeks.
AMERICAN ACCENT TRAINING: GRAMMAR comes with two audio CDs and a program blending all elements of grammar and pronunciation to help users learn English correctly.
FORMER Brook side star Anna Friel has made the top 10 in a poll of worst attempts at an American accent.
He called one day and said, 'I can do the American accent.
But getting these numbers means concentrating on the easy-to-pick, low-hanging fruit, most of whom tend to speak with an unmistakably American accent, and look more like they're from the Midwest than the Mideast.
HOW would you like it, readers, if I suddenly put on an American accent to do this review?
I love an American accent and find much of what you say amusing,'' he tells her, which is hard to believe because her patter is more irritating than charming.
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