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a widgeon the male of which has a white crown

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Species, common name Necropsy 26080-001 Northern shoveler Yes 26080-002 Northern pintail Yes 26080-003 American wigeon Yes 26080-004 American wigeon No 26080-005 American wigeon No 26080-006 Mallard Yes ([dagger]) 26080-007 Mallard Yes ([dagger]) 26080-008 Mallard No ([dagger]) 26080-009 Trumpeter swan Yes RW099878 Gyrfalcon Yes Sample ID no.
Nationally, sightings included Pacific golden plover from eastern Siberia, American wigeon from North America and sooty shearwater from the south Atlantic.
After rather hurried flicking of pages, he announced that he was pretty sure there was an American wigeon out on the estuary.
As for the Eurasian/American (EW/ AW) wigeon hybrids, professor Rohwer explains it thusly: "Eurasians come down the (Pacific) coast in small numbers, and don't find many American wigeon to mate with.
Total number of birds Species detected Canada Goose (Brantcr canadensis) 23 Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus brrccinator) P American Wigeon (Anus americana) l Mallard (A.
Next stop was to look for American Wigeon and Green Winged Teal at Cresswell Quay,but again no sign.
Population estimates for American black ducks, ring-necked ducks, American wigeon, bufflehead, goldeneyes and mergansers surveyed in eastern North America were similar to last year and their 1990-2007 averages.
On the Dee Estuary a drake American Wigeon was on the salt marsh at Flint Castle,always a great place for some winter birdwatching.
American wigeon numbers were up 23 percent from 2012, and similar to the long-term average of 2.
A drake American wigeon was found on the border pool joining the drake green winged teal and smew already in residence.
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