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In this work for general readers and students, freelance journalist Nick Johnson investigates the past and present of cannabis cultivation and use in the American West, with special focus on the agricultural impact of marijuana as a cultivated plant.
The preoccupation with the American West as the frontier and promise of Anglo-American supremacy has given rise to the scholarly preoccupations of legitimacy and reinvention.
Originally published as a photographic travelogue and guide to British investment in the American West, Townshend and Hyde's account is both idiosyncratic and emblematic of its time.
Fox Hill Estates is a community that offers a little bit of something for everyone," said Larry Canarelli, company founder of American West Homes.
To complement the many studies of the role photography played in the exploration and discovery of the American West during the 19th century, Sailor examines how photographs of places functioned once settlers arrived.
To write about the American West is to capture its graceful and unforgiving landscape and how it defines the people who live off its mercurial nature.
An exhibit devoted to that topic, "Greatest Photographs of the American West," opens Saturday at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon.
I am pleased to showcase the Autry's spectacular collection of Colt firearms in a manner that provides a narrative for the scope and monumental impact of guns in the American West," said Daniel Finley, Autry President and CEO.
4) While the film seems to challenge some preconceived notions behind such cultural symbols as the cowboy and the American West by presenting a pair of homosexual lovers falling in love in the American West, the treatment of homosexual relationships is eventually contained in the tragic ending of the story.
Historical Atlas of the American West, by Derek Hayes.
The piece, entitled 'In the American West Midlands, Kenny Ashurst, Bricklayer, St Helens, Merseyside (2009),' comes from a larger body of work where Lorentz has photographed numerous profiles of people dressed in various cowboy attire.
The most important stream in the American West, the Colorado River flows through or past parts of seven states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming), as well as a small portion of Mexico, before its depleted flows drain into the Gulf of California.
This companion text to a museum exhibition at the Washington State History Museum is a wonderful contribution to the history of the railroad's impact on the development of the American west.
The American West was warmly welcomed by academics because it provided a readable and intelligent text that straddled the infighting between Old and New Western historians.
From evolving equipment and technology to both solitary hunters and group efforts, HUNTING THE AMERICAN WEST is a fine survey packed with vintage photos and perfect for any library strong in hunting history and sport.
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