American Virgin Islands

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more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands

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This is the last round match in which PNG took on the American Virgin Islands trying to avoid the wooden spoon.
074sec - just two-thousandths of a second ahead of her determined rival from the American Virgin Islands.
The remaining 15% of Nigerian crude oil exports went to the Netherlands, the American Virgin Islands, Japan, Ghana, Chile, China, Germany, Cameroon, South Korea and Portugal.
John in the former Danish West Indies, present-day American Virgin Islands.
To carry out its mission to provide medical care, VHA operates (as of December 31, 2005) 156 hospitals, 877 outpatient clinics, 136 nursing homes, 43 residential rehabilitation treatment programs, and 207 readjustment counseling centers including facilities in every state, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the American Virgin Islands, Washington, DC, and Guam.
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