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a style of architecture used in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria

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Compared to the relative silence about children's fears in the American Victorian parental guidance literature, as observed by Stearns and Haggerty, the Dutch experts of the second half of the nineteenth century were even more reticent about this and other children's emotions.
Potter purchased the property in 1862, and built the Mansion, which is an excellent example of an American Victorian home with the characteristic Second Empire feature of a Mansard roof.
The essays in this special issue seek to counter the separation of Victorian British and Modern American poetry that issued from the nineteenth century, restoring to view the transatlantic impulse of American Victorian poetry.
Her paper provides a useful framework for this review of The Sea-Fairies, a choral work for women's voices composed by Amy Beach (1867-1944), a prominent American Victorian woman composer, to a text by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892), an even more prominent older English Victorian male poet.
See, for instance, Carl Degler, At Odds; Mabel Collins Donelly; The American Victorian Woman; Lee Virginia Chambers-Schiller, Liberty, A Better Husband.
If the American Victorian seems overly visible in this study, the American Civil War does not.
Activities take place at the American Victorian Museum.
The essays in this volume, which will be of particular interest to family and labor historians, focus on American Victorian men and combine to mov scholarship closer to a holistic gender history focusing on how men and women together have made history.
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