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Even with the day-to-day problems of operating an American style institution in the far north of the country, surrounded by Boko Haram, the University has grown and matured.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Lexicon: American Style 2: Exercising Our English Language, Our 'Flexicon'" is an extraordinarily entertaining, informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking read that will be of special and immense interest to anyone with an interest in the English language.
The King Cone Caramel Pecan, a combination of caramel and vanilla-flavoured ice cream also wrapped in an American Style wafer cone.
“At Simple American Style, we have always believed in supporting our country and try to Buy American whenever we can, and this newly added merchandise speaks to our commitment to supporting the local economy,” said Michele.
Campaigns and Elections American Style appears in its fourth updated edition to bring together leading political scientists and campaign professionals who imparts the basics of how American elections and campaigns work.
In typical American style controls are clear and easy to use - especially the sat nav screen On the road the Chrysler 300c is a smooth and engaging drive By keeping the price under the pounds 40,000 mark Chrysler has yet again hit the spot in providing a very desirable car that is a knockout in terms of price, style and driving
I am a local resident that drives by daily, and have been impressed with the quality finish of Howdeez (an American style diner).
The Brewers Association calls it "American-Style India Black Ale," (We agree with some beer writers who think the style name should be amended to simply "American Black Ale," since it's a new American style, and India really had nothing to do with it).
Some have criticised this as moving towards the American style of litigation; however, for commercial parties especially, this may be seen as a welcome advance.
"Yoga American Style" takes a secular approach to Yoga by channeling its ancient roots, which are far older than even Hinduism.
SINNER: Asda's Loaded American Style Potato Skins, 561 calories per 150g serving.
In Phil Keisling's review of Aviel Rubin's Brave New Ballot ("Election Fraud, American Style," December 2006), Keisling accuses Rubin of feeding "a hyperactive (and bipartisan) obsession with the perfect election system ...
Baur has been involved in numerous complex healthcare projects including the design and construction of a new 360-bed replacement hospital for Jersey City Medical Center and master planning new "American style" academic medical centers in South Korea and the Caribbean.
The goal: Elevate craft education in the classroom with Crafting an American Style, a documentary on the history of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, airing nationally on public television.
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