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a stock exchange in New York


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It is also a big reason why the company has grown to a market capitalization of $250 million and has migrated from the OTC Bulletin Board to the American Stock Exchange to the Nasdaq.
The American Stock Exchange Airline Index rose 1.13 points, or 2.64 percent, to $43.95.
Performance issues at both firms contributed to their decisions to delist from American stock exchanges. Although Biacore has a viable alternative in Sweden, this seems to be the first step for Proterion to be sold.
For many years, the American Stock Exchange has suffered from an image problem.
on Monday launched an exchange-traded fund (ETF) linked to the 30-issue Dow Jones Industrial Average traded on the American Stock Exchange.
Five years later, she was the youngest person, male or female, to land a seat on the American Stock Exchange. Nine years ago, she became the youngest columnist ever for the New York Times.
International Absorbents, Bellingham, WA, has filed for listing on the American Stock Exchange. According to executives, the developer of environmentally friendly pet care and industrial products meets all of AMEX's qualifying criteria other than stock price.
MacLean, director of corporate information security at Bank of America, the new group's mission is to collectively represent the financial services sector and serve as a resource to the financial services industry for advice and to facilitate "the review, promotion, communication, and coordination of sectorwide voluntary activities and initiatives designed to improve CIP/HLS." Among the major national organizations represented on the council are the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ the American Bankers Association, the American Council of Life Insurers, the Credit Union National Association, the Investment Company Institute, and the Securities Industry Association.
(RAA905) EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS & OTHER INNOVATIONS AT THE AMEX: PETER QUICK - AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE. Reviews the performance of the industry, and examines recent changes that have impacted companies in that sector.
The American Stock Exchange, forced out of its home by damage from the attack, operated out of a handful of posts clustered in one area of the NYSE.
The New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market were expected to decide later in the day whether to reopen tomorrow.
Amwest Insurance Group Inc., which owns a subsidiary placed in liquidation earlier in June, said it has applied to delist its stock from the American Stock Exchange.
How was it possible for such a small company to get an official listing on the American Stock Exchange, be valued at 48 million dollars, and yet barely be worth anything at all?
Two years later he took Revco public, and its shares began trading on the American Stock Exchange.
Earlier this month the publicly-traded Friendly announced that effective June 8 it was moving trading of its common stock from NASDAQ to the American Stock Exchange (AMEX).
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