American Standard Version

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a revised version of the King James Version

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In 1946 the International Council of Religious Education published a revision of the American Standard Version of 1901 under the title The New Testament Revised Version.
The first is an update of the American Standard Version of 1901.
Wilma Ann Bailey, an associate professor of Hebrew and Aramaic scripture at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, has written a short book explaining how the commandment "You shall not kill" became "You shall not murder" in many widely used English Bible translations and why she thinks the verse should still be read as "You shall not kill." The translations that changed the wording to "You shall not murder" include the TANAKH (1962), the New American Standard Version (1971), the New International Version (1978), the New King James Version (1982), the New Revised Standard Version (1989) and the Revised English Bible (1989).
By default, the CD-ROM installs the New King lames and American Standard versions of the Bible, but you can install as many versions as the memory in your handheld device will store.
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