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the southeastern region of the United States

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The company has a long successful portfolio of commercial construction throughout the American Southeast. Past projects have included corporate headquarters, industrial health care facilities, clinics as well as local schools and government buildings.
The company works with a third-party research organization, which to date has run several independent tests on dedicated plots of land in the American southeast, as well as in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and some tropical locations outside of North America.
New worlds of violence; cultures and conquests in the early American Southeast.
Massive government subsidies and land giveaways to the sugar industry in the American Southeast beginning in the early 18th century established a market for American-grown sugar despite the fact that the region's climate was not tropical enough to grow cane efficiently.
In January, the American Southeast was hit with one of the worst killing frosts in recent decades.
SunTrust Banks, Inc (NYSE: STI), considered to be the largest American southeast regional bank, has appointed a new president.
While most critical infrastructures are privately owned, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a federal corporation and the nation's largest public power company, provides power and other services to a large swath of the American Southeast. GAO was asked to testify on its public report being released today on the security controls in place over TVA's critical infrastructure control systems.
There are springs and headwaters in these mountains that feed into the great rivers of the American Southeast, and these secret areas were protected in the time of the Cherokee and even in the early days of white settlement.
There existed a different dynamic, however, between the lumber communities in the American Southeast and those on the North Pacific slope.
William Bartram, one of America's first botanists, wrote in his Travels (1791) that the Cherokee of the American Southeast thought the plant had a mind of its own, "able to make itself invisible to those unworthy to gather it." William's father, John, was also a naturalist, and added the wild ginseng he had found in 1738 growing near the Susquehanna River--a discovery celebrated by Benjamin Franklin in the pages of his newspaper the Pennsylvania Gazette--to his botanical collection in Philadelphia, the oldest in North America and today known as Bartram's Garden.
This native species to the American southeast is almost exclusively represented in our northern gardens by the variety 'Annabelle', which has become the most commonly planted hydrangea across the Prairies.
Molly Aloian's "Nations of the Southeast" (0778703851, HC, $23.92 & 0778704777, PB, $8.95) reveals how the Cherokee, the Creek, the Choctaw, the Seminole, and other native nations in the American southeast farmed, hunted, and moved from place to place on the extensive waterways of the area.
Distance and time will no longer be an issue, and businesses based in the American southeast will be able to deal with businesses in Europe and Asia without hassle or snags.
Marie -- A new highway trade corridor linking Northern Ontario to the American Southeast may become reality within the next 20 to 30 years.
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