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the upper house of the United States Congress

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Senator Mushahid Hussain said the report by the American Senate had exposed the CIA role in torture which was a violation of America's own Constitution as well as international law and the UN Charter.
The American Senate Appropriations Committee proposed a 28% cut in funding to Egypt Tuesday which would bring total military aid down from $1.3bn to $1bn and would be subject to democratic and human rights stipulations.
Eleven senators attended the meeting that took place in the American Senate, including Republican John Mc Cain.
Khamenei cited talk of imposing limits on Iran's conventional ballistic missile capacity, which did not crop up in nuclear talks for two years but surfaced during American Senate questioning of lead US negotiator Wendy Sherman.
What happened between him and Nawaz Sharif later on, I don't know, because he was arrested on 8th May 1998 along with Hussain Haqqani for anti state activities, and there were strong protests by the American Senate and the Indian Congress, and Nawaz Sharif was forced to release them within a few days.
NEARLY 50,000 undocumented Irish could become fully-fledged US citizens after the American senate passed a wide-ranging immigration bill last night.
"Now the fact of lobbying cannot be denied because they have accepted this in the American Senate that they have lobbied in India and spent money on it," he added.
The American Senate and House of Representatives were probably the lowest of all since they issued two similar statements where they supported Israel's right to self defense and condemned Hamas alone.
These results have also brought 20% women to American Senate for the first time.
While commending the agreement, Chairman of American Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Dianne Feinstein said the two recent accords on Bagram prison control and handing over controversial night-time raids to local forces were vital steps to strengthen Afghan security.
It's a joy to remember how the American senate tried to intimidate him and got more than they bargained for.
During this program senior Parliamentarians of American senate, district governors and many central ministers of India signed more than 10 agreements in India in order to take concrete steps to strengthen the Indo-American education system.
Another plus, meanwhile, despite it being an all-too-brief clip, was seeing George Galloway use anger in an extremely effective way - I doubt those American senate members have recovered.
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