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the upper house of the United States Congress

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The second meeting at the American Senate was an opportunity to commend the experience of democratic transition in Tunisia, Hamdi further said.
Now the fact of lobbying cannot be denied because they have accepted this in the American Senate that they have lobbied in India and spent money on it," he added.
The American Senate and House of Representatives were probably the lowest of all since they issued two similar statements where they supported Israel's right to self defense and condemned Hamas alone.
While commending the agreement, Chairman of American Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Dianne Feinstein said the two recent accords on Bagram prison control and handing over controversial night-time raids to local forces were vital steps to strengthen Afghan security.
It's a joy to remember how the American senate tried to intimidate him and got more than they bargained for.
During this program senior Parliamentarians of American senate, district governors and many central ministers of India signed more than 10 agreements in India in order to take concrete steps to strengthen the Indo-American education system.
There couldn't have been a better instance of cinema's influence on a ruling establishment when, after JFK (1991) and the public outcry, Stone addressed the American Senate over the continued secrecy of documents relating to President John F.
Another plus, meanwhile, despite it being an all-too-brief clip, was seeing George Galloway use anger in an extremely effective way - I doubt those American senate members have recovered.
As the American media's increasing focus on the presidential race and the political debate in Washington shows diminishing concern for the Iraq war, a little noted speech in the American Senate shed light on the unbelievable cost of the Iraq war.
1973: The American Senate began its Watergate hearings
Our monarch's powers cannot really be equated with those of the American Senate as G B Butler stated in his recent letter (Rule Of Thumb, 10.
May I ask if she had the same level of sympathy to the innocent victims of the bombing in Baghdad with the death of many innocent Iraqi men, women and children, especially now that an American Senate investigation has admitted Saddam Hussein had no affiliation with those who destroyed the Twin Towers.
So in 2004, Republican Senator Alex Villalobos, was tapped to become the first Cuban American Senate president--in 2008.
But, in 1973, the American Senate was planning to cut the size of US forces overseas by 40%.
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