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a United States territory on the eastern part of the island of Samoa

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Striving to ensure the American Samoan people have the tools they need to build a vibrant and thriving future, this coalition aims to raise awareness of the historical ties of American Samoa and the importance of the territory to the United States; bring attention to the issues facing American Samoa; build support for a holistic economic development plan for the territory, and ultimately advance federal legislation to create jobs and to achieve viable, long-term economic growth and independence for the American Samoa economy.
The four-day visit with American Samoan Soldiers, airmen, Family Members, DA civilians, and contractors was a busy one, with much on the agenda.
The protocol office also arranged ground transportation for all American Samoan Soldiers of Camp Humphreys to gather at the headquarters building for an open forum with the governor.
Next, the governor and his official party were flown to Osan Air Base, where they met with young American Samoan airmen who were stationed there.
Invitations to the dinner were sent to all American Samoan Service Members, Department of Defense (DOD) Civilians, Contractors, and Family Members on the peninsula.
Rose and his wife, Joanna hosted the American Samoans at the Brazilian Pavilion at which time a delegate complained his claustrophobic wife was uncomfortable in their room at the Milford Plaza.
But an administrative error meant the 21-stone American Samoan had to run the 100 metres instead.
This program includes comprehensive, integrated, strategic prevention framework-focused, data-driven, community- based, substance abuse prevention activities for American Samoan youth and families.
A 225-pound quarterback and receiver in high school, Fanene didn't have NFL aspirations until after he graduated despite a rich history of American Samoans playing professionally (see: Mosi Tatupu).
American Samoans still use the terms Western Samoa and Western Samoans.
Without these changes, American Samoans, Puerto Ricans, and a host of other citizens will be governed by a president they have no ability to select.
The result was hardly a shock - the American Samoans had begun their qualifying campaign with a 13-0 defeat by Fiji which was followed by an 8-0 humbling at the hands of Samoa.
To get to Germany, Australia may once again have to ease past the hapless American Samoans, who are the third worst team in the world, according to FIFA's rankings.
The American Samoans, the lowest ranked of 203 teams recognised by FIFA, lost their entire first-choice squad due to passport problems.
Reasons offered for changing the existing system focus primarily on the difficulties of adjudicating matters of federal law arising in American Samoa, principally based on American Samoa's remote location, and the desire to provide American Samoans more direct access to justice.
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