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a United States territory on the eastern part of the island of Samoa

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Together, these elements represent each teacher's unique social identity in the American Samoan educational and clan hierarchy.
In April 2014, separate store and restaurant Nutrition Environment Measurement Surveys found that healthful foods in American Samoan stores and restaurants were infrequently available, often cost more, and were promoted less.
One of the narrators is Dune, a quiet, hunky American Samoan who chops off his dreads and heads for New Orleans.
After just a year in business, ICS has tapped out the American Samoan market.
Up till then Polynesian was forced to com- pete against two bigger American Samoan airlines from Faleolo airport located 40 km away from Apia.
The report 'Meet Bahrain's Best Friend in Congress' (Monday) explored why an American Samoan delegate would support the kingdom.
The Governor of the US territory, Togiola Tulafono, said the southern portion of the main American Samoan island of Tutuila was "devastated".
Shortly after local radio issued tsunami warnings in American and Western Samoa, waves started crashing into the American Samoan capital of AaPago Pago.
"The whole southern side of the island is devastated," said Soloalii Faalepo, executive director of the American Samoan government office in Honolulu.
troops currently stationed in Korea and about 50 American Samoan Soldiers and airmen on the peninsula.
It then moves through essays that present the struggles of specific indigenous communities, which include Maori protests of genetic engineering (New Zealand), legal battles for Native Hawai'ian land entitlements (United States), the Chamorro battle for land rights (Guam), maintenance of Makah whaling culture (United States), and the American Samoan expression of sovereignty through communal land ownership.
In terms of status he's right up there with our very own Eddie the Eagle, the Jamaican bobsleigh team and the American Samoan football team, who allowed former Walsall and Australia striker David Zdrilic to put eight goals past them in a 31-0 defeat back in 2001.
But that came at middleweight, when American Samoan Maselino Masoe stopped him in two rounds in Miami last year for the vacant WBA strap.
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