American saddle horse

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a high-stepping horse originating in Kentucky

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Catherine Gallo, a Eugene neurosurgeon, won in the American saddlebred Western pleasure category riding her 9-year-old gelding, Presley, at the Summer Showcase horse show on Sunday.
Castleman, one of the founders of the American Saddlebred breed.
Pansy raised American Saddlebred horses in Beaumont; upon the death of her husband Miles Frank Yount, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky and built Spindletop Farm which was eventually donated to the University of Kentucky.
Ganci is a recipient of many awards and honors including a 2014 "Golden Rooster Award," the highest honor from the California Poultry Federation for outstanding service to California's poultry industry; a resolution from the California legislature commending her leadership, guidance, service to the poultry, livestock, and agricultural industries in California; California State University at Fresno's Stockman's Award for Animal Welfare; and numerous awards related to her passion for American Saddlebred horses, and working cow horses.
Friendly, a striking brown American Saddlebred horse with a gleaming coat and thick, gnarly ankles, stood looking at his owner and whinnying to get busy on a recent, sunny afternoon.
He owned a business training and showing American Saddlebred horses, and he was a member of the American Saddlebred Association.
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