American saddle horse

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a high-stepping horse originating in Kentucky

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Saddlebred The American Saddlebred was developed in Kentucky from
Gallo, who learned to ride growing up in rural Louisiana, won in the American saddlebred Western pleasure category Sunday atop her 9-year-old gelding, Presley.
Castleman, one of the founders of the American Saddlebred breed.
Friendly, a striking brown American Saddlebred horse with a gleaming coat and thick, gnarly ankles, stood looking at his owner and whinnying to get busy on a recent, sunny afternoon.
He owned a business training and showing American Saddlebred horses, and he was a member of the American Saddlebred Association.
The rolling hills and valleys of Southern Indiana were home to Supreme Sultan, the sire of more World Champion American Saddlebred horses than any other horse in history.
Congenital inguinal hernias of foals may occur unilaterally (usually on the left side) or bilaterally and may occur more often in Standardbreds, Tennessee Walking Horses and American Saddlebreds. Ruptured inguinal hernias occur most commonly in new-born foals and may be caused by the high abdominal pressure generated during parturition.
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