Rhea americana

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larger of two tall fast-running flightless birds similar to ostriches but three-toed

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A female American Rhea was found dead at the Zoo of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
POPULAR: A South American Rhea holds its head high at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, in Colwyn Bay, after being one of the star attractions during a busy Summer season.
Locals dialled 999 after they spotted a six-foot tall South American rhea wandering the streets.
To get, the most value out of the bird the North American Rhea Association suggests that the best time to slaughter is at 12-14 months old.
Richard believes that three-year-old Eva, a South American Rhea, grabbed the watch from a zoo-goer's wrist at the weekend.
The goal of this study was to determine the most common causes of mortality in ostriches (Struthio camelus), emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae), and American rheas (Rhea americana), in order to highlight common causes of mortality, as well as the influence of age, gender, and rearing methods on mortality.
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