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"I've had a lot of great moments my life but this is the greatest and happiest and it's all due to John Paul Jones." Jones, who was born in the cottage in 1747, became the first well-known naval commander in the American Revolutionary war and following that became a rear admiral in the Imperial Russian Navy before dying in Paris in 1792.
The ship is named after the frigate commanded by John Paul Jones, a naval commander during the American Revolutionary War.
The Ghost Ship Brooklyn: An Untold Story of the American Revolution tells of the HMS Jersey, a ship which, during the American Revolutionary War, was renowned for the cruelty of its guards, its notoriously deplorable conditions under which colonial prisoners were kept by the British after it was converted to a prison ship, and for a reputation that was to spark additional rebellion in the colonies.
The centerpiece interprets the Battle of Brooklyn and honors American Revolutionary soldiers remembered as the Maryland 400, who ultimately saved America's Army from British defeat.
An authorship sabbatical led to the research and writing of a regional history of New Yorkers during the American Revolutionary War.
As seen in trailer, Rip appears to shoot George Washington in an attempt to alter the outcome of the American Revolutionary War.
In the December edition of "Strata," Dan Elliot of the LAMAR Institute set out to document Carr's Fort in Wilkes County, Ga., a fortified farmstead used during the American Revolutionary War.
That is the question Jon Foyt's historical novel asks - and answers - in "The Mind of an American Revolutionary," the life and motivations of one of the lesser known - but equally significant - Founding Fathers.
It is the creation of writer-performer Tamsin Clarke, who blends storytelling, physical theatre, comedy and live music to bring to life the 19th century South American revolutionary Manuela Saenz, who died in poverty and was all but forgotten.
A TV source said: "Poldark has that posh UK charm that the American market loves - history, romance and because it was based on the American Revolutionary War, it ticks all of the boxes.
The eight-part series - starring Aidan Turner as a redcoat who returns to from the American Revolutionary War - has been bought by US network Masterpiece.
Ansbach, Germany still displays the colors of its regiments deployed during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), and a visitor to this quaint town in Mittelfranken would not depart thinking that the Ansbachers were mercenaries.
1819: South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar won the Battle of Boyaca, defeating Spanish forces and ensuring the independence of Colombia with the help of a significant "British Legion", mostly Napoleonic War veterans.
The roughly 37,000 Germans who fought as British auxiliaries during the American Revolutionary War were an important part of the British war effort, but relatively little has been written about them.
Of special note is the concluding chapter focusing on Lee's personal life after the end of the American Revolutionary War.
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