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The American revolutionaries deemed Pennsylvania a sound location for prisoner of war camps because of the German ethnicity of many of the state's inhabitants, although major camps also existed in nearby Maryland, as well as Virginia and Connecticut.
* Violence and the Latin American Revolutionaries, Transaction Books, New Brunswick, 1988, Editor and main contributor.
Indeed as early as 1793 Haitian rebels justified their uprising on the same grounds as did French and American revolutionaries.
Unless we reexamine our policies--our quartering of soldiers in a hundred countries (the quartering of foreign soldiers, remember, was one of the grievances of the American revolutionaries), our support of the occupation of Palestinian lands, our insistence on controlling the oil of the Middle East--we will always live in fear.
When she rescues a drowning British lord and takes him back to the tavern to nurse him, she runs afoul of the American revolutionaries. Out of gratitude that turns into love, Dapifer takes her to his ancestral home and she becomes the second Lady Dapifer on the trip to England.
One Chicano ex-convict tried to explain the allure of Islam for Latino inmates, and why Mexican Americans sympathize with Palestinians: "The old Latin American revolutionaries converted to atheism, but the new faux revolutionary Latino American prisoner can just as easily convert to Islam.
John Stuart, whose property and church in upstate New York had been burned by American revolutionaries, followed his Loyalist flock across Lake Ontario.
His other activities included being sent on secret royal missions to England and elsewhere by both Louis XV and Louis XVI, buying arms for the American revolutionaries, and bringing out the first complete edition of the works of Voltaire.
While some of these documents, including many of the letters copied into the letterbook, are available in other collections, Schaaf's recovery of the journal does more than make for a good story, it also fills an important lacuna in our understanding of the American revolutionaries early Indian policies.
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