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a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile races in Virginia

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A patch on her leather jacket denotes her proudest achievement: "World Champion." Last August, she won the working cow horse championship in the American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Show in Oklahoma City.
American Quarter Horses are registered than any other breed.
Order your American Quarter Horse "Love of the Horse" gift set for only $30.
The breed Meyer raises and sells, the American quarter horse, is familiar from rodeos and cowboy movies.
The preferred polo pony -- the animals actually are not ponies at all, but mature horses that have been trained to remain calm even in the heat of a close-quartered, high-speed match -- is a mix of thoroughbred and American quarter horse. An ideal horse has the heart, lungs and stamina of a thoroughbred, and the size, strength and short-distance speed of the quarter horse.
The American Standardbred, the Tennessee Walking Horse, and the American Quarter Horse are all examples of Morgan influence.
American quarter horse. Esteemed in colonial America for itsability to run the fastest quarter-mile in match races, this horse like some of the others you may visit has antecedents tracing back to the Spanish explorers.
Remington Park's American quarter horse race season starts Friday, with live racing beginning at 6 p.m.
But for other uses, working (Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron and Shire), riding (American Quarter Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, Morgan, Tennessee Walker), racing (Thoroughbred, though this depends on distance and type of race), and on down in size to a pony (Hackney, Shetland, Welsh) and the tiny miniature horse, the choice is yours.
Western riding expert Emma Chapman will be using her American paint mare and her American quarter horse to demonstrate the differences, including sliding stops and 360 spins.
Your Horse Live 2011 at Stoneleigh Park will see some of the world's rarest breeds on show including the American Quarter Horse, Hanovarian and Icelandic species in the Rare Breeds Village.
Mackenzie of Rutland recently earned an award for logging 50 hours in the American Quarter Horse Association Horseback Riding Program.
David AshforthHOW FAST THEY CAN DASH 1f (220yards) 11.493sec 2f (440yds) 20.274sec 3f (660yds) 33.510sec 4f (870yds*) 43.029sec Figures are record times from the American Quarter Horse Association *ten yards short of 4f but an approved distance in US quarter horse racing
New shows added to the line-up include the American Quarter Horse Association and "The New Crook & Chase Show."
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