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Synonyms for pragmatism

(philosophy) the doctrine that practical consequences are the criteria of knowledge and meaning and value

the attribute of accepting the facts of life and favoring practicality and literal truth


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However, Kirk's assertion that Burke refutes once and for all an American pragmatism yet to come and his reading of that pragmatism strike me as mistaken.
While American pragmatism, broadly speaking, emerges and explains itself as a response (whether romantic, scientific, or ironic) to the accumulated failures of a received philosophical and cultural tradition, Frank's pragmatism emerges primarily as a response to personal loss.
American pragmatism was for Holmes the linchpin between fixity and flexibility.
Neither do I have difficulty with Copestake's relating such an ethos with Unitarianism and American pragmatism.
Schultenover could not have chosen a more suitable conclusion, for it leaves readers with tools to continue discussion of the relationship between American pragmatism and Catholic Modernism.
Undoubtedly, this American pragmatism is grounded in a Eurocentric understanding of liberal democracy, which exploits the consideration that Western democracies themselves are full of people who can be persuaded to vote in ways quite opposed to their own real long-term interests, if they can be deceived by liberal rhetoric to opt for short-term goals.
As the person credited for the inception of American pragmatism, Charles S.
For those who see Ralph Waldo Emerson as a seminal figure in the tradition of American pragmatism, 2003 marks a double anniver-sary: it is not only the bicentennial of Emerson's birth, but also a century since William James and John Dewey, America's most influential prag-matic philosophers, delivered, on the occasion of Emerson's centennial, addresses that constitute their most explicit public pronouncements on their great American precursor.
Instead this scheme embraces a seemingly unique American pragmatism to juxtapose landscape and material in a way that recalls those minimal shelters built in the first tentative moments of settlement in the west.
In a typical flash of no-nonsense American pragmatism, however, Graymoor Fr.
This concept has been fundamental to the work of scholars representing the various paradigms, including American pragmatism, symbolic interactionism, and library and information studies (James, 1969; Mead, 1934; Cooley, 1922; Shera, 1970; Greer, 1987).
The author describes this interaction as an "inevitable collision" of North American pragmatism, caution and patriotism with "uncompromising, militant, and nationalistic" views of Ukrainians from Europe (xxiii).
Bonhoeffer was prepared for Niebuhr's political theology and American pragmatism but he was nevertheless surprised by the syllabus Niebuhr distributed to the students.
The bulk of secondary literature discussing Holmes as a pragmatist has focused on what Holmes said about pragmatism and on the degree to which Holmes was influential in the founding of American Pragmatism.
This is appropriate because Dewey was a father of American pragmatism and an author who theorized about education.
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