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a hotel plan that includes three meals daily

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American plans to replace its fleet of domestic Boeing 757-200s and MD-80s with A321s, A319s and Boeing 737-800s all with leather seats, Wi-Fi and in-seat inflight entertainment throughout the aircraft.
Gates claimed that the Kremlin was trying to intimidate President-elect Barack Obama into dropping American plans for a new missile defence system based in Eastern Europe.
This policy will lead nowhere except to subordinating Lebanon to the American plans for the Middle East.
But now the 20-year-old American plans to have it covered up "because nobody can figure out what it is", she tells People magazine in its October 8 issue.
He is upset at American plans to build radar stations and site interceptor missiles in Poland and Czech Republic.
Sterling American plans on investing an additional $7 million in capital upgrades and tenant improvements.
The bishop also warned against Canadian involvement in American plans for ballistic missile defence (BMD) and urged reliance on the traditional Canadian concept of the entire elimination of nuclear weapons.
Tens of thousands of devout Shiites attend the Friday prayers in hundreds of mosques throughout the country affiliated with Sadr, listening to sermons unanimous in their hostility to American plans for Iraq.
Amid tight security, the US-appointed Governing Council was signing the new charter, a key landmark in American plans to hand over power on June 30.
AMERICAN plans for a US-run administration in post-war Iraq have next to no support among the British public, according to a poll today.
Churchill's Information Minister Brendan Bracken also complained that American plans for a BBC Radio service to allied troops created 'all sorts of difficulties' for the Government and the corporation.
AMERICAN plans for a new Middle East peace conference were welcomed last night by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.
Bedard will report to Boe and will liaison closely with the presidents of both Beaulieu Commercial and Beaulieu Home Fashions, as North American plans are implemented in each market segment.
American plans to convert US households to digital television by 2006 are on the verge of collapsing, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics.
As Zaha Bustami shows in her essay on the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, the lack of appreciation of regional attitudes and forces doomed American plans to settle the "issue of the refugees' (p.
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