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a vast prairie region extending from Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada south through the west central United States into Texas

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The road map the Quintet of the Americas follows eschews the bastions of the European classical tradition for an off-the-beaten path tour of stylistic contrasts that stretches from Argentina's tango salons to the ceremonial encampments of the North American plains Indians.
The Indian peoples of the North American Plains lived a life in close communion with the natural world.
Pickens believes in changing the landscape of the great American Plains through the use of wind power while Ted Turner is intrigued by the use of solar energy on his 500,000 acre properties in New Mexico and wind power on his properties in Nebraska, the Dakotas and Kansas.
The prisoner-of-war confinement of American plains Indians within a Florida military prison is one of the lesser known incidents of 19th century struggle between Native Americans and the expanded United States.
It is the silly season, of course, but this week's news has featured a nut-cracking crab drawing crowds in Cornwall and plans to 'reintroduce' lions to American plains (hope they fare better than the buffalo).
With Eagle Tail is the story of a young newspaper photographer, Arnold Lupson, who left his home in England after the First World War to live with the Native American tribes of the North American Plains.
Horse riding across the North American plains, playing beach football in France and even rugby Sevens in Toulouse.
The ideas may need reconsideration in the light of research, both around the cave at Lascaux and from parallels drawn from the North American plains.
Does this resonate the aura of the world's biggest airport, or the image of the gateway to the great expanses of the North American plains.
Art of the Warriors: Rock Art of the American Plains.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- From Amazon jungles to the American Plains, British mental wards, Swiss labs, New York mansions and Grateful Dead shows, the history of hallucinogenic drugs is as fantastic as the visions the drugs produce.
Tratebas urges that Archaic culture in the North American Plains was not merely derivative but a coherent tradition in its own right; and T.
In the past few decades, a rising interest in North American Plains culture has resurrected competition powwows on an extraordinary scale, bringing with it a huge demand for feathers.
Arnold Lupson and 30 years among the Sarcee, Blaclcfoot and Stoney Indians on the North American Plains.
Ironically, May never set foot upon the American plains and largely researched his subject in German prison libraries while serving time for, among other things, fraud and impersonating a police officer.
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