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a vast prairie region extending from Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada south through the west central United States into Texas

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Paint's story is linked to the humans who capture and own her during the historic settlement of both the American plains and the Canadian prairie, so it's more than just a horse story.
In this instance, and I emphasize, in this instance, referring to those big, shaggy beasts of the North American plains as buffalo is essentially incorrect.
The Social Credit populism of the North American plains owes little to Burkean conservatism.
A number of years ago, in a previous issue of Whispering Wind magazine [Green 2002], this author presented a short article on 'tipi bags' or 'possible bags', a well-known and beautifully decorated type of container used by North American Plains peoples for storage of clothing and personal belongings.
After Congress passed the Homestead Act in 1862, thousands of settlers moved to the semi-arid grasslands of the North American plains to farm and graze cattle.
CHILDREN OF THE TIPI: LIFE IN THE BUFFALO DAYS comes from an award-winning editor who here combines lovely vintage sepia photos with simple quotes by Indian chiefs and elders to explain to children what life was like growing up on the American plains. Ages 4 and up will find this an inviting and revealing survey, requiring good reading skills but replete with inviting pictures and facts that capture this experience.
Chief among them is Colin, a seven-year-old North American Plains bison.
The cast is made up of seven professional singers playing more than 60 different parts, depicting many aspects of life of pioneer women who crossed, and lived on, the American plains during the 1870s and '80s.
Come and hear Dave Ireland talk about North +America's largest land animal--the North American plains bison--and then tour the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity.
The archaeological site preserved the customs practiced by the First Nations people of the North American plains for nearly 6,000 years.
At least two motives were in play: to make way for the railroads and, perhaps more importantly, to destroy the livelihood of the Native American Plains Indians so they could be rounded up and placed on those concentration camps called "reservations." This has somehow not been represented in our "Cowboy and Indian" Western lore.
Times change, and what defines the American Plains also has changed.
Ritual and honour; warriors of the North American plains.
Tucker, "The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Wars, 1607-1890: A Political, Social, and Military History" is a 1318-page, three-volume compendium covering all of America's 'Indian Wars' ranging from the early 1600s on the eastern coast, to the final subjugation of the American Plains Indian tribes in the late 1880s.
IN THE MIDDLE OF THE 19TH century, farmers on the American plains had a problem: If cows and other livestock from neighboring properties trampled their crops, it was the farmers themselves, not the owners of the roaming animals, who were responsible for the damage.
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