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American breed of muscular terriers with a short close-lying stiff coat

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If he's lucky enough to make it onto the adoption row and gets adopted, his savior finds she has also adopted a quandary: Most breed specific legislation, housing regulations, and insurance companies discriminate against any dog with a "pit bull label--possibly the reason why those mixed-breed DNA testing companies don't designate any of the dogs they test as American Pit Bull Terriers. --Nancy Kerns
American pit bull terriers are one of four breeds of dog banned under UK law after a number of attacks on humans.
The syndicate had links to paramilitaries in Northern Ireland who supplied illegal American pit bull terriers. Members of the ring attended fights as far away as Finland.
Unlike American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshires are not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
Hallmarked with colorful sidebars, boxes, and color photographs that illustrate key topics, the five breeds showcased in this superbly produced and presented series (supervised by consulting veterinary editor and pet behavior consultant Wayne Hunthausen) includes Lexiann Grant's Bichons Frises (079383628X, $16.95); Janice Biniok's Toy & Miniature Poodles (0793836409); Diane Morgan's Maltese (0793836379, $16.95); American Pit Bull Terriers (0793836255, $16.95); and Tammy Gagne's Cocker Spaniels (0793836-484, $16.95).
Ontario residents who can prove they had a pit bull prior to the legislation taking effect, or born within 90 days after, are "grandfathered." Pit bulls are defined in the legislation as pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American pit bull terriers or a dog that shares physical characteristics with any of the above.
Following the incident the airline has decided to ban Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers, a move which the American Kennel Club has labelled unjustified, reported Reuters.
RSPCA special operations officer Bryn Pass said the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 had outlawed the American pit bull terriers favoured by fight organisers.
My latest issue of Dog World doesn't talk about "terriers." It discusses Airedale terriers, American pit bull terriers, Australian terriers, Bedlington terriers, border terriers, bull terriers, cairn terriers, Dandie Dinmont terriers, fell terriers, fox terriers, (smooth or wiry), Glen of Imaal terriers Irish terriers, Jack Russell terriers, Kerry blue terriers, Lakeland terriers, Norfolk terriers, Norwich terriers, Scottish terriers (so well described by Wodehouse as looking like Presbyterians), Sealyham terriers, slky terriers, Skye terriers, Tibetan terriers, Welsh terriers, Yorkshire terriers.
pit bull Some dogs, including American pit bull terriers, are the subject of bans, under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
Investigation chief Det Supt Simon Beldon said: "Early indications are the two dogs seized are American pit bull terriers although tests are still ongoing to establish that." The dogs are legal here but subject to restrictions.
The new ordinance, passed last year by the City Council, applies to American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers or mixed pit bull breed dogs.
American pit bull terriers were banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991.
Most of the infected dogs were American pit bull terriers. The greyhound was the other breed most likely to be infected.
He takes them into his compound where they are taught to behave by his pack of canines - including American Pit Bull terriers.