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Pika Protection In May, the American pika became the first mammal in the continental United States to be considered for protection under the Endangered Species Act due to climate change.
The American pika, a small rabbit-like animal, can be seen and heard in rocky talus slopes at higher elevations in the Cascade Mountains.
Further research revealed that both the Tibetan antelope and the highland American pika have signals of positive selection for genes involved in DNA repair and the production of ATPase.
According to Jim Patton, a retired University of California Berkeley zoology professor, the tiny gray mammal's movement represents the greatest upward "retraction" of any high major-elevation species, which include the golden-mantled ground squirrel, the Belding ground squirrel, the water shrew, the bushy-tailed woodrat and the American pika.
The researchers also found that species with higher latitudinal and elevation ranges, like polar bears, American pikas and shadow chipmunks, were more likely to respond to climate change than mammals living lower in latitude and elevation.
Related to rabbits, American pikas (Ochotona princeps) live in rocky, high-elevation habitats in the western mountains of North America.
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