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a former political party in the United States

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The President and the Parties: the Transformation of the American Party System since the New Deal.
Top scholars offer original writings specifically for this volume as they consider state and federal parties, the American party system, and campaign finance in this new political milieu.
SOUTH American party fever came to Cardiff today as Wales' first Brazilian restaurant opened for business.
AN American party company swept-in to save 4,500 jobs and 397 Clinton Cards stores yesterday.
Neither major American party is advocating a policy of economic stimulus.
The Kuwaiti side was headed, during the meeting, by Army Chief of Staff Lieut-General Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, with presence of members of the defense council, and the American party by General James N.
Among specific topics are a 20-year survey of Canadian attitudes towards homosexuality and gay rights, African-American Protestants and the struggle over legal rights for gay and lesbian couples, Roman Catholics and same-sex marriage in Quebec, and evidence from the 2004 US election on the politics of marriage and American party politics.
In the 1840s and 50s the American Party (Know Nothings) expressed anti-Catholicism, as did the Ku Klux Klan in its post-1880s phase.
The longest is entitled, "Man's Glassy Essence," and that is an embroidered tale of Peirce's travels in Thessaly, Greece in 1870 when he was commissioned to scout out sites for the American party of astronomers who would come to the Mediterranean region to observe the solar eclipse of December 22, 1870.
A number of other states and organizations, including the Thomas More Law Center, Liberty University and the Independent American Party of Nevada, have filed lawsuits as well, some of which have been dismissed and others of which are still moving through the courts.
In Baghdad, as part of an American party, his convoy was hit by two improvised bombs, in an attack which caused death and injury.
Leading the American party was NLC Past President Karen Anderson, mayor of Minnetonka, Minn.
10 JONATHAN HOROWITZ, "THE NEW COMMUNISM" (GAVIN BROWN'S ENTERPRISE, NEW YORK) Horowitz's "New Communism" succeeded in its stated aim of spreading "a light dusting of style" on the tired arena of American party politics.
Organizations across every major market sector choose CustomerVision, including companies like Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, ING, MWABank, Amdocs, American Party Outlet and the Foster Group.
Hansen is state chairman of the Independent American Party in Nevada and is running for governor.
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