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a former political party in the United States

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In the 1980s, political scientist Joseph Schlesinger detailed a "new American party," not as a hierarchy of different organizations from the local to national level, but as a series of interconnected spheres of local, state, and national candidate influence.
President, American Party of America, in 2012, 2016 and (upcoming) 2020.
Denying entry to immigrants with no connection to the country "does not burden any American party," the court said.
MEXICAN Day of the Dead came to Liverpool as hundreds of people dressed as the undead helped to kick-start a Latin American party. The iVAMOS!
Ansari said, "Our talks with the American party were only about ways of implementing the JCPOA.' He said the American party had in the past and on the sidelines of the nuclear talks, under certain occasions voiced its stances on situation of Syria, Iraq and Yemen but no talks were ever held on the issues.
Hillary Clinton is leading the race to stand for which American party? ANSWERS 1.
The Know-Nothings took their exclusionary, not to say delusionary, notions into the electoral area and founded the American Party. If Trump loses the Republican nomination, he might consider taking that name for a third-party run.
Other parties have sent officeholders to Austin, including the American Party of the U.S., the Greenback Party, the Independent Democrat Party, the Populist Party, and three dozen lawmakers whose party is listed as "unknown" in state records.
As far as this exploration complicates the familiar narrative of American party politics, Maciag's work should be welcomed as an accessible and thought-provoking addition to US intellectual history.
An American party could change profile to take into account the political realities of the day, always with an eye on the key question of how to win an election.
Jay retired from the former New England Telephone and Telegraph Company Special Services Department in 1983 after more than 38 years of service and became a Life Member of the Telephone Pioneers.Some of his affiliations were: Founding member of the Berean Baptist Church of Auburn; a life member of the John Birch Society and former Worcester County Chapter Leader; member of the National Rifle Association; former Secretary of the Young Men's Republican Club of Worcester and the Grafton Republican Town Committee; former State Committee Treasurer of the American Party of MA.; former clerk of the vestry of St.
The actress was spotted shopping at the American Party Store on Vine Street in Hollywood, where she allegedly showed the tiniest hint of being pregnant.
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