northwestern United States

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the northwestern region of the United States

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At first an avid hunter, Curwood gradually became a conservationist as a result of his travels through the American Northwest and interactions with various species of flora and fauna.
We dine at Artist Point, offering some of the best fine dining in Disney World with an intriguing menu focused on specialities from the American Northwest. I opt for the smoked pork belly and scrap clean a plate that comes with melt in your mouth meat, smoked pumpkin mash and crunchy veggies.
They are the first specimens to return to the American Northwest in seven decades.
As he explains, these creatures are the first specimens to return to the American Northwest in 70 years.
The War Hawks of that period blamed England for Indian depredations in the American Northwest, If this were true, invasions of Canada to drive out the British would have been just, but I have not seen any convincing evidence that the British caused the hostility of the Indians toward the expansionist Americans.
But it's the blanketing snows of the American Northwest that get the final word in Samuel D.
They say it was a Qaeda operation timed for one month to the day after its failed attempt to blow up an American Northwest jet bound for the US on Christmas Day.
Quebec to the American Southwest, the American Northwest to Miami is the territorial range of the gardens.
The menu for Lewis and Clark's first meal here is unknown, but we do know that Dutch ovens and guns were the most common metal items among the gear carried by the Corps of Discovery as it explored the American Northwest in 1804-1806.
But the chiseled features of the American Northwest don't always follow those rules.
For example, on February 13, 2056, the Moon will occult Mercury and Mars simultaneously as seen from the American Northwest, only hours after hiding Jupiter and Venus from other locations.
Their mission in the American Northwest resembled the earlier work of Father Eusebio Francisco Kino in New Spain's Southwest.
Schlick, a Caucasian native of Iowa, has spent her entire adult life close to the Native people of the American Northwest; her children were raised on the Warm Springs, Yakima, and Colville reservations.
The title not only denotes the author's predilection but also refers to a lady friend who accompanies him--down from Canada's west coast, across the American Northwest, and as far east as New York State--on an odyssey through the countryside, visiting three Major League parks as well as many small, smaller, and even smaller baseball venues.
inflated skins only give forth insipid drinks of perfumed water." In the neighbouring thickets of wild plums, proclaimed Frankland, are to be discovered the Lombards, Damsons and Gages of the American Northwest. And he speculated that they were unappreciated "because they could be procured so cheaply from the Indians for stale bread and old clothes."
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