northwestern United States

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the northwestern region of the United States

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The main building themed after the grand forest lodges of the American Northwest is modelled after the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park complete with an artificial geyser and hot springs.
It's been quite awhile since gold prospectors and fur traders searched for fortunes in the American Northwest.
Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller set in the American Northwest and exclusively for the Xbox 360.
Among the species represented are giraffe, Robert's gazelle, rhinoceros, cobra, wildebeest, fringe-eared oryx and other African trophy game along with dall sheep and moose from the American Northwest.
The natural beauty of the American Northwest simply cannot be touched.
She plays a Czech immigrant, a factory drudge in the American Northwest sometime around the early 1960s, going blind and overworking herself to pay for her young son's sight-saving operation.
The people of the American Northwest Coast, from San Francisco to Seattle, have a deep connection to water in their everyday lives.
Co-authored by Native American historians and enthusiasts Reg Ashwell and David Hancock, "Indian Tribes Of The Northwest" is a beautifully illustrated, 95-page, descriptive compilation of information identifying the Native American tribes grouped regionally and ethnically into American Northwest, Plateau Tribes, and the Athapaskan.
Meteorologists said the afflictions of the last week were caused by an immense ribbon of warm, wet air stretching practically from Guam to the American Northwest and carrying within it pockets of intense storminess.
We feel that this partnership will help Innovative Designs' products proliferate into the American Northwest.
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El Dorado School gave Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's exploration of the American Northwest a musical treatment, complete with contemporary dialogue, a talking dog and a comic foil.
The Washington Based Energy Project will be fueled by natural gas, a renewable resource available by way of a pipeline coming in from Canada into the American Northwest.
Wildfires now raging in Montana are the latest threat to the historic trail followed by Lewis and Clark in their famous expedition across the American Northwest nearly 200 years ago.
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