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the northeastern region of the United States

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Utner cnanges for whoie Hog include possible expansion, for the first time, to the American Northeast in 2012, with franchises in the Philadelphia area, Maynes said.
IN A SENSE, WAL-MART'S failure in Germany can be seen as a transnational version of its failure to gain entry to the cities of the American Northeast and Pacific Coast--America's most "Europeanized" regions, if by that we mean the most heavily unionized and with the most requirements on business to heed the interests of its neighbors.
That's where those "six nations" come in: They are the distinct Native groups of the American Northeast, which are subsumed into the "tribe" the French called Iroqouis but who collectively call themselves Haudeno-saunees.
8 ROBERT WILSON, I LA GALIGO (2004) Watching this epic Indonesian-myth-based production, I saw my two divergent worlds together for the first time: the hard, well-lit, rational world of intellect and conceptual analysis that had formed me in the cold, gray metropolis of the American Northeast rapt in an elaborate mating dance with something else close to my core, yet so very different.
People from Cape Verde off the coast of Africa came to the American Northeast in such numbers that they now outnumber Cape Verdians back home.
A written assignment using digital resources might include a purpose statement such as "this exercise will familiarize you with searching an online newspaper archive in order to prepare you for your term paper research; it will also help you develop a stronger awareness of the widespread nature of revival movements in the American northeast in the mid-19th century." Warning students about anachronistic terminology to describe race or gender and explaining unfamiliar typographical conventions are two more ways you can facilitate more successful experiences with primary print sources online.
In contrast, the Europeans who settled the American Northeast predominantly came from places such as Germany and Holland where intensive agricultural farming was the traditional way of life - a way of life that didn't require people to be so obsessed with honor."
A part of the capitalist world economy, the American Mountain South produced raw materials and agricultural products for shipment to the American northeast and export abroad.
When the agricultural sector in Quebec and the American northeast could no longer support them, they migrated to the Midwest where fertile farmland could be found.
Researchers into traditions in the American northeast, for example, must comb through the pages of seventeenth-century reports of European explorations into North America for scanty references to singing, dancing, and drumming.
Abelson's book on the construction of middle-class theft as kleptomania, When Ladies Go A-Thieving; a contribution from Andrew Heinze's work on Jewish immigrants and American commercial culture, Adapting to Abundan ce; and an article by Lizabeth Cohen on post-WWII shopping centres in the American northeast. Scholars working in media studies, including Susan Douglas (Where the Girls Are) and Danae Clark, whose work on "Commodity Lesbianism" is reprinted in this reader, are among those contributing analyses of contemporary commercial culture.
Their behavior makes sense in the context of the overwhelmingly Protestant culture of the nineteenth-century American Northeast in which "the ideas, the convictions, the customs, the institutions of society were so shot through with Christian presuppositions." [11]
What makes the shutdowns even more critical is that the bulk of them are concentrated in the North American Northeast - where the majority of the older plants are - and the Midwest, particularly near Chicago.
In Burk's view, baseball grew into something very different from its New England congregational roots and, in its nascent stages, the voluntary associationalism that gave the American northeast its distinct character.
This in itself is a great tribute to Thomas Cochran's fine volume, in which he advances a sweeping, provocative interpretation of the origins and character of early industrial development in the American Northeast. His principal theme is that culture is the fundamental basis for growth, and that previous work has exaggerated the importance of markets.
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