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Synonyms for modernism

genre of art and literature that makes a self-conscious break with previous genres

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the quality of being current or of the present

practices typical of contemporary life or thought

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have come to represent the almost bipolar symptoms of American modernist inquiry, even if they stand somewhat askance of these larger movements in the field.
In these two chapters, Crossroads Modernism offers creative and original readings of four major African American modernists, readings that avoid several of the limiting binaries that have affected critical reception of these writers.
It also demoted the legacy of the first generation of American modernists, especially the circle of Stieglitz (in deference to regionalists like Thomas Hart Benton).
The Hawaii Gallery includes paintings by Jules Tavernier of France, who was fascinated by Hawaii's volcanoes, and American modernist Georgia O'Keeffe, who was brought to Hawaii by the Dole company to paint pictures of pineapples ``but painted everything but pineapples,'' according to academy spokeswoman Charlene Aldinger.
He introduced Modern European art to America, and American Modernist painters to New York, including Georgia O'Keeffe, who later became his wife.
Yet the most significant weakness of Sanders's book emerges in its relation to new diagrams of the American modernist field.
Areas of expertise include American modernist movements, such as the Stieglitz circle, as well as postwar movements including Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting and contemporary art.
About CandyLab Toys CandyLab Toys was born out of our desire to revive glamorous '60s American modernist vibe and carve it into awesome contemporary wood toy designs.
Crowd violence in American modernist fiction; lynchings, riots and the individual under assault.
His book, The Sarasota School of/Architecture, 1941-1966 (MIT Press, 1995), captures this high point in the development of regional American modernist architecture.
Invoking the ghost of Pound as a major, albeit spectral influence on post-1960s Asian American poetic strategies, Park sets out to explore the ways in which American modernist Orientalism reappears, but also triggers new forms of Asian American poetic innovation.
William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) is remembered today as a poet of the American Modernist movement, a prolific stylist best known, perhaps, for the many poems he wrote about everyday life in Paterson, N.
Also highly recommended for academic and private reference library collections on the multiple sources of American Modernist poetry, "The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry" is an impressive work of scholarship and an informative work commended to non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject of Chinese writings and poetry.
American modernist painting has also been eclipsed by the postwar movements, but, again, this is changing.
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