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Hennen has his own unique quietude, a kind of American Midwest hybridization of the main sensibilities of Zen Buddhist and Taoist poetry.
Chuck Hagel was a Vietnam War veteran from Nebraska State in the American Midwest.
Sit in a kayak in a tiny lake in the American Midwest at the very
As you enter the dreamily lit Smoke House BBQ, the accent of the American Midwest mingles with a bit of ' New Yawk', the odd Texan twang and the endless Louisiana drawl and floats towards you riding the nippy air.
Johnston's training began in the American Midwest, took him to a year of study with Shimaoka Tatsuzo in Mashiko, Japan and finally returned him to River Falls, Wisconsin, where he is a working potter who maintains fidelity to the tradition and philosophy that initially turned him to ceramics: mingei.
Both are products of tight-knit communities in the American Midwest.
Beginning in the 1780s and concluding in the 1820s, Taylor unpacks the history of the Great Lakes borderlands throughout the Age of Revolution and argues persuasively that the War of 1812, rather than the American Revolutionary War, was the decisive turning point for this region, the moment that determined what both Ontario and the American Midwest would become in the nineteenth century.
The changing speed and shape of the Chinese economy is felt in the employment prospects in the American Midwest and Europe.
Everything you need for a great night at the theatre," as its creator Lucy Rivers tells Nathan Bevan CHAPTER Arts Centre will be transformed into the American Midwest this weeK when it stages The Bloody Ballad Of Mary Maid.
Natural Theologies: Essays About Literature of the New Middle West" discusses the changes of modern American Midwest literature, and the writers and pets speaking on the current issues of the debate.
THE WIZARD OF OZ TCM, 3PM Family favourite about Dorothy, a young girl from the American Midwest, who is swept by a cyclone to a magical kingdom over the rainbow where she meets a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion.
The copper we use was part of the Hardened Intersite Cabling System that powered US Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missiles in the American midwest prior to Disarmament Treaties with Russia," says company co-founder Paul Ogren.
The residence's collection also includes works by artists with connections to the American Midwest and Southeast.
She said she reminds people that resort spots like Cancun, Cozumel and the Maya Riviera are as far away from the border as the American Midwest, but people are still hesitant.
The Minnesota Metrodome proved no match for the blizzard that pummeled the American midwest on Sunday.
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