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Using the American Midwest and the Argentine Pampas as examples, the study examines nine systems of organization, in categories such as transportation, agricultural production, cattle management, storage, and socialization.
Purchase for libraries located in the American Midwest and for those with patrons interested in pioneers and biographical nonfiction.
Synopsis: Three cartoon animals live in a house together in the American Midwest.
The chase began with the biggest storm of the 2016 season looming over the American Midwest, with a potential 95 million people in its path.
Rapidly expanding Blues presence in the American Midwest, Vanderbilt joins other renowned Blue-powered institutions including the University of Louisville, Kent State University, Northwestern University, and the Indiana University System.
Author Donna Solecka Urbikas grew up as an ordinary baby boomer in the American Midwest, but her Polish-born mother and older half-sister had suffered a horrific ordeal as slave laborers in Siberia during World War II.
The American Midwest has already been feeling the effects of inclement weather.
General readers will appreciate the broad treatment of how one crop helped shape the economy, land use, culture, and diet of the American Midwest and beyond.
Novelist Tony Ardizzone moves seamlessly between the pre-Vatican II American Midwest and Tofino, British Columbia of the late 1970s.
Set in the 1950s, somewhere in the American Midwest, Love Me Tender is the story of Chad, a rock 'n' roll loving, self-confident roustabout who on release from prison travels to a nearby little town, which is in dire need of some life.
September 14-18, Secretary Duncan and senior Department officials will visit 10 cities in seven states across the American Midwest as part of the agency's sixth annual Back to School bus tour (http://www.
His poems seem deeply immersed in the immense solitude of the American Midwest, not lonely and trying desperately to escape but, in fact, immersed, focused, witnessing, perceiving, shaping.
7 million within the city limits and more than 9 million in the wider metro area, Chicago is the largest city in the American Midwest and a global hub for business, leisure and the arts.
What natural disaster devastated the American Midwest in August, 1993?
24 March 2014 -- Michigan US-based savings association Auto Club Trust FSB and Illinois US-based American Midwest Bank said they have signed a definitive agreement under which ACT will acquire all of the outstanding capital stock of AMB holding company National Bancorp Inc.
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