American Labor Party

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a former political party in the United States

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Communists enrolled in the American Labor Party and, in the party's first years (1936-39), were among the most dedicated fans of Roosevelt.
Several of Dubinski's closest personal and ideologic friends in the New York labor movement opposed him in his efforts to keep the American Labor Party from becoming just another tool in the hands of the Comintem (Communist International).
In cases where conservative or centrist Democrats run, the Working Families Party could also run its own candidates, as the old American Labor Party (ALP) once did.
The party to which he refers - the American Labor Party - was not produced by any such parthenogenesis.
There were three candidates: a Democrat who was perfectly OK but a hack; a Republican who was probably not as terrible as all Republicans are these days; and a candidate for the American Labor Party who everyone said was a Communist.
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