American Labor Party

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a former political party in the United States

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It spurred labor-based independent political action by New York's American Labor Party and other groupings.
As the Independent-socialist candidate for the Senate from New York in 1958-a campaign that angered Democratic boss Carmine DeSapio and Communist Party hard-liners alike - and in an earlier American Labor Party campaign he kept alive the promise of third-party politics.
A second engagement with the Communists was fought within the American Labor Party, a third party in New York State established by Socialist-minded unionists to provide union members a way to back Roosevelt in 1936 without having to identify themselves with the Democratic party of Tammany Hall.
Unfortunately, he neglects to discuss its most singular success in this arena - the American Labor Party.
The American Labor Party endorsed Roosevelt's candidacy.
In cases where conservative or centrist Democrats run, the Working Families Party could also run its own candidates, as the old American Labor Party (ALP) once did.
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