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With the recent success of "The Birth of a Nation," which we recognize as a great achievement, we feel compelled to remind the public that we, as American Indians, passionately reject the association of 1865 being "the birth" of our nation.
Many Indians do not just live on the reservation; rather, many American Indians have been impacted by federal policy and negotiating power and agency.
Established in 2010, CAIS (along with its parent organization, the American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance) partners with American Indian peoples and organizations to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of American Indians throughout the United States.
What it's about: Hoxie delves into 200 years of history to trace the political and social activism of American Indians who fought to protect their communities and lands from expansionism and pushed for the right to self-government.
Bush approved a resolution that marked November as National American Indian Heritage Month, that a nationally recognized month in honor of American Indians came about.
ERIC Descriptors: Academic Achievement; Achievement Gap; American Indians; American Indian Students; Data Collection; Data Analysis; State Legislation; Financial Support; State Aid; Criterion Referenced Tests; Reading Achievement; Mathematics Achievement; Science Achievement; Scores; White Students; Racial Differences; Reservation American Indians; Nonreservation American Indians; Graduation Rate; Dropout Rate; Advanced Placement; Suspension; Expulsion; Substance Abuse
During November, the federal government recognizes the contributions of American Indians as part of American Indian Heritage Month.
American Indians in New Mexico were hospitalized with H1N1 pandemic influenza at a higher rate than other minority groups and whites, according to a study in the September issue of AJPH.
The ultimate goal is "to have those topics serve as signposts to point and lead students to a greater and richer knowledge of the story of American Indians rather than to tell the complete story.
SANTA CLARITA -- American Indians whose ancestors were Santa Clarita's original settlers partake in the usual Thanksgiving customs, and many bond with a larger tribal family by attending powwows.
The subject of that day and of this book is a critique of representations of American Indians and American Indian culture in North American museums, and an analysis of alternative models that incorporate the American Indian point of view in organizing exhibits.
According to the National Congress of American Indians, there are 133 women serving as leaders among more than 560 recognized tribes, and the number of women serving as top tribal leaders has nearly doubled over the past 25 years.
As Learning To Write "Indian" investigates and deftly examines the hardships and pains that the American Indians were faced with, having to attend schools which denied them their families and tribes, their languages and religions, their culture.
The history of American Indians I learned in school--to the extent that I learned anything at all--was so wildly off the mark that I might as well have made it up myself.
The first baseball players of the twentieth century to hear "nigger" from the stands of Major League stadiums were not African-Americans but American Indians, according to Jeffrey Powers-Beck's monumental book, The American Indian Integration of Baseball.
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