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a reservation set aside for the use of Indians

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Additionally, relative to smaller casinos, larger casinos may generate larger net revenues to be invested into tribal enterprises or to be distributed as per capita payments (holding American Indian reservation population constant).
In March, 63 buffalo were shipped from Yellowstone National Park to Fort Peck, an American Indian reservation in Montana that's part of the original range of the species.
One option is to use the American Indian reservation model designated as "Palestinians' territory" or pre-1994 South African Apartheid government established Bantustans in three disconnected Palestinian enclaves as proposed by Israel and the US today.
For Reservation X, he selected key works by seven American Indian artists that reconsider the meaning of the American Indian reservation today.
Teachers' and students' relationships will be strengthened through meaningful mentoring, extracurricular, and community-based programs, such as the American Indian Reservation Project, in which student teachers provide "academic tutoring, companionship and role modeling" while boarding with their Navajo students (Stachowski, 1998).
The arrival of a casino at an American Indian reservation gave Duke University researchers an opportunity to test the relationship between poverty and psychopathology.
The study, which surveyed 400 tribal members of a Midwestern American Indian reservation, found that 30 percent of those surveyed had used OxyContin for nonmedical reasons, according to the study's authors.
Since reservation personal income approximates reservation economic growth, the conclusion can be drawn that American Indian reservation economies grew like never before under policies of self-determination.
This includes: a historically significant town in the interior of Mexico; an isolated Alaskan outpost; a squall in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and an American Indian Reservation in South Dakota where he participated in several sweat lodge encounters and rode in a 24-member motorcyle formation for approximately 1000 miles to the Wounded Knee Memorial.
Congress passed House Concurrent Resolution l08 to effectively terminate federal trust protection of American Indian reservation lands.
Which American Indian reservation is located within the Navajo reservation?
“I feel extremely fulfilled and, know that our investors do too, whenever I hear that another home, or dozens of homes, has been built on an American Indian reservation because that means one more family will no longer have to worry about having decent, safe and affordable shelter.”
"An Embodied Social Problem: Understanding Diabetes on an American Indian Reservation." PhD diss., University of California, 2004.
The latest example comes from Montana State University-Billings, where educators spent five nights this summer on an American Indian reservation, living in teepees to get a first-hand lesson in the cultures of the Northern Cheyenne tribe.
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