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Revolutionary Activities within the United States, the American Indian Movement: Report of the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary.
Miller volunteers with several American Indian agencies in Uptown.
To understand American Indian perspectives on causes for the high rate of youth suicide and the need for traditional healing, it will be important to review American Indian history.
Colonialism has completed the destruction of the American Indian in the United States--the cultural destruction.
Commonality of difference: American Indian women and history.
According to the National Congress of American Indians, there are 133 women serving as leaders among more than 560 recognized tribes, and the number of women serving as top tribal leaders has nearly doubled over the past 25 years.
The discoveries Mann writes about enhance the stature and the accomplishments of American Indians, but they sometimes cause problems for progressives.
Similarly, American Indian students' school attendance and participation were negatively correlated with age (r = -.
Explore more American Indian history and cultural traditions at the National Museum of the American Indian and Native American Heritage Month websites.
American Indians' influence is intricately woven into American history, and that is how many people think of today's American Indian tribes--historical.
The study's authors said the findings support recent national efforts to include American Indian and Alaska Natives as "a group at high risk for complications of influenza" and to encourage vaccination and antiviral treatment.
Reese, of the Nambe Pueblo tribe from New Mexico, is an assistant professor of American Indian studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Edited by Ernest Stromberg (associate professor in the Department of English, Communication and Journalism at California State University), American Indian Rhetorics Survivance: Word Medicine, Word Magic is an anthology of scholarly essays by learned authors discussing the rhetorical techniques and strategies of Native Americans in general terms.
Washington DC: National Museum of the American Indian, 2004), 119 pages.
Defining American Indian Literature: One Nation Divisible.
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