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With the recent success of "The Birth of a Nation," which we recognize as a great achievement, we feel compelled to remind the public that we, as American Indians, passionately reject the association of 1865 being "the birth" of our nation.
Over 155,000 American Indian women, men, and children were relocated to urban communities and cities.
Why read it: Americans tend to see American Indians as "brave, exotic and dead," Hoxie noted in an interview with his school's media department.
Consider using games and activities to introduce concepts related to American Indian Heritage Month in your classroom this November.
The Department of State has also continued to engage the American Indian community.
The study found that the rate of H1N1-related hospitalization in 2009 was higher among American Indians, blacks and Hispanics than it was among whites and that American Indians had the highest rate of hospitalization.
One attempt to correct such outdated representations has been the hiring of American Indian museum professionals or the contracting of American Indian tribes to consult on specific exhibitions.
According to the National Congress of American Indians, there are 133 women serving as leaders among more than 560 recognized tribes, and the number of women serving as top tribal leaders has nearly doubled over the past 25 years.
This massive ignorance continues a century after American Indians were vanquished.
While the story of the later integration of Major League baseball by African-Americans is well documented, this book is the first to detail the racist stereotypes, foul epithets, and abuse from fans and players that courageous American Indian pioneers of integration endured during their baseball careers.
In this autobiographical account, Dennis Banks, one of the leaders of a group called the American Indian Movement, opened his eyes to the possibility for dignity and freedoms enjoyed by other citizens but, incredibly, denied to America's first residents.
Hiawatha gets the prize for most misinterpreted American Indian.
American Indian students as a population are not achieving high academic standards.
Although this study did not include American Indian youth in its participants, it is well recognized that spirituality is a very important component of Native life and may potentially protect against substance misuse in Indian communities (Jones-Saumty, Thomas, Phillips, Tivis, & Nixon, 2003).
The American Indian inmates in this Northern Plains jail were significantly different from the other inmates in several ways.
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