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Kit Dunlap, President and CEO of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce said, "The jobs and investment American Home Products will provide is exciting.
Developed in the early 1980s, the sponge is a hormone-free over-the-counter device that was extremely popular when it was taken off the market in 1995 after American Home Products opted to discontinue the product rather than spend the substantial amount needed to bring the factory equipment used to make the sponge up to Food and Drug Administration standards.
In 1990 American Home Products (AHP) sold a subsidiary, Boyle-Midway, and recognized a substantial capital gain.
In 1999, Advantage Partners acquired this infant milk company from a US pharmaceutical firm, American Home Products, through an MBO.
Robins, an American Home Products subsidiary, acquired and merged "Old" A.H.
The company was ultimately acquired by American Home Products, which placed about $2.3 billion into a trust fund to compensate Dalkon Shield victims.
* In a win for the industry, an administrative law judge in July dismissed a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission against Schering-Plough, American Home Products and Upsher-Smith Laboratories.
American Home Products (AHP), Madison, WI, has taken the unusual step of changing its name.
The LXR beta nuclear receptor was developed jointly by Karo Bio and the US healthcare group American Home Products Corp under a collaboration agreement signed last September.
The popular Centrum brand of American Home Products Corp., along with the Pharmavite Essentials line under the company's Nature Made unit and the Daily One Caps offered by Twinlab Corp., all feature multivitamin/mineral supplements to help maintain a healthy body.
The products acquired represent a market worth Euro 9 million per year in France and were previously marketed in the country by Biodim, which itself acquired them two years ago from the American pharmaceutical group American Home Products (AHP).
Prior to joining J&J, Karaban held various marketing positions with Kraft Foods, American Home Products and General Foods.
Dispensing with the Truth is the story of Fen-Phen, a diet drug combination marketed by American Home Products under the names Pondimin and Redux.
The company will work with American Home Products to develop and commercialise treatments for sleep disorders.
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