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a distance


  • a distance
  • a long way away
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American Federation for Aging Research & Merck Institute of Aging and Health.
Brought to you by the American Federation for Aging Research, this site offers news, tips and expert opinions on how to have age happily or help others do so.
In recognition of the quality of her research and leadership in the field, she has received several awards, including two MERIT awards from the US National Institute on Aging, and awards from the Allied Signal Corporation, Gerontological Society of America, and American Federation for Aging Research.
In 2008, he received the Award of Distinction from the American Federation for Aging Research and was named CEO of the Year by BioWorld Today.
The conference will also feature insight from leading research and advocacy associations, such as the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), which has been on the forefront of revolutionary approaches to the science of healthier aging for the past 28 years; The Methuselah Foundation, which works to advance biomedical progress to significantly increase the healthy human lifespan and The National Institute on Aging, the primary Federal agency on Alzheimer's disease research.
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