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the widespread aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did

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We look forward to featuring multiple concepts from the Carpaccio family of restaurants in The Dining Terrace at American Dream.
Unless you're Augie March, a character in a Saul Bellow novel, you might have a different take on what the so-called American Dream is.
American Dream Builders brings our advertising partners' brands and resources to life, as deeply integrated elements of the show.
Written with a unique Latino perspective, How To Achieve the American Dream Without Losing Your Latin Soul is an inspiring, insightful and entertaining book that unlocks the powerful, profound secrets hidden in your personal story - and about overcoming fear to achieve your American Dream.
Of course, the best known example of the successful attainment of the American Dream is none other than Pres.
In a survey taken in April and released Monday, 31 percent say they will reach the American dream in their lifetime, while the other twenty percent is not so positive.
I don't know of any other race of people more intelligent, talented, and creative than African Americans, Slavery was abolished in 1865; it's old news and time to get off the pot If the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Mexicans, East Indians, and [others] coming from third-world and war-torn countries can live the American dream, why can't we?
While Europe's vision might play well in the blue states, your story fails to recognize that we're turning the American Dream into the American Nightmare.
The American Dream, warns Jeremy Rifkin, is on the ropes, thanks to "depleting resources, increased pollution, rising costs of production, spiraling inflation, low return on investments, escalating capital shortfalls and limits to technology.
That was one of the conclusions that emerged from a National Town Meeting on American Cities and the American Dream held last week in Washington, D.
There is only the American dream created by an Anglo-Protestant society.
Life might not be fair, Hatch asserted, but to ignore that unfairness would be to "chip away at the American dream.
MBA PRAISED THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTAtives and Senate Banking Committee leadership for quick action on the American Dream Downpayment Act.
Financing the American Dream is an institutional history of the consumer credit industry, a social history of consumers, and a cultural history of debt.
With a curious start using Torre de la Creu by Josep Maria Jujol, which the author admits had no impact on mainstream development, the section on 'the modern house' proceeds happily through Loos, Rietveld, Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Robe to Pierre Chareau and on to Richard Neutra, who of course comes up later in the American dream.
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