Cinclus mexicanus

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a water ouzel of western North America

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The American dipper is the only North American representative of the Cinclidae family, a group of songbirds that includes five species of dippers.
American dippers occupy an unusual niche in the songbird world.
The American dipper, called the water ouzel in England, is indeed singular: It is America's only aquatic songbird, at home darting about in the air or walking on the bottom of a frothy stream looking for food.
Of the five members of the Cinclidae family around the world, the American dipper (Cinclus mexicanus) is the only one in North America.
With the guide's release, out-of-towners will learn what local birders already know: that the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is the closest place you can get by land to a colony of 65,000 common murres; that Sally's Bend in Newport is a great place to see northern shrike, American pipit and all six species of grebes; and that Sweet Creek Falls near Mapleton offers glimpses through old growth trees of the American dipper, a grey-colored songbird that walks under swift-running streams, eating cranefly larvae.
Blue heron and American dippers are daily visitors to Fall Creek, and there is usually the opportunity to see red-legged frogs and otter.
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