Cinclus mexicanus

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a water ouzel of western North America

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Nesting behavior of the American Dipper in Colorado.
Breeding territory fidelity in a partial migrant, the American Dipper Cinclus mexicanus.
American Dipper, Cinclus mexicanus, preys upon larval tailed frogs, Ascaphus truei.
Physical characteristics and number of American Dipper observations for 18 lentic waterbodies within the Trinity Alps Wilderness, California, 2001-2008.
Our objectives were to: (1) describe the prevalence of American Dippers in lakes and correlate dipper occurrence with lake resources in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, California, USA; (2) describe foraging behavior on prey unique to lentic waters in the region; and (3) summarize published and confirmed observations of dippers using lakes throughout western North America.
We investigated whether migratory and sedentary American Dippers differ in morphology before or after their first complete (adult) prebasic molt.
We studied American Dippers in the Chilliwack River watershed (49[degrees] 0' N, 121[degrees] 4' W), 100 km east of Vancouver in southwestern British Columbia, Canada.
We classified gender of birds captured during the breeding season based on presence of a brood patch and behavior (only female American Dippers incubate eggs and brood young; Kingery 1996).
We examined variation in the wing morphology of American Dippers following Lockwood et al.
Inter- and intra-specific studies have shown that migration can influence wing length and shape, but our study indicates that selection pressures imposed by migration did not influence the morphology of yearling or adult American Dippers.
Previously, American Dipper nests have been found in trees and shrubs, and farther from the water (Sullivan 1966) than we noted for American Dippers or which Moon (1923), Robson (1956), Balat (1964), and Trochet (1967) noted for White-throated Dippers; however, these are rare occurrences (Price and Bock 1983, this study).
Vocal behavior and interactions among parents and offspring in the American Dipper.
Factors affecting the distribution and productivity of the American Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus) in western Montana: does streamside development play a role?
Microhabitat and macrohabitat characteristics at American Dipper nest sites on cliff ledges, under bridges, in log cavities, and on roots and rootwads in the Oregon Coast Range, 1994.
In our study, the abundance of breeding American Dippers was lower than it was in British Columbia (Morrissey 2004), Colorado (Price and Bock 1983), or Alberta (Ealey 1977); however, both Sullivan (1973) and Osborn (1999) found nest densities in Montana (0.
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