American Civil War

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"'Yankee Faith' and Southern Redemption: White Southern Baptist Ministers, 1850-1890." In Religion and the American Civil War, ed.
Bowen devotes the first third of his book to the struggles of Spain in the decades preceding the American Civil War. He does this in part to revisit the context of controversy that existed between Washington and Madrid in the first half of the nineteenth century and in part to establish Madrid's dream of reasserting itself as a major power--an effort that climaxed during the Civil War years.
Smith is the author of The American Civil War (Palgrave, 2007).
The American Civil War and Reconstruction, on the other hand, is well written and factually accurate.
At a time when most contempoary Indian leaders chose to remain silent on the American Civil War, he said, many Parsis of Bombay sent money for the anti- slavery Unionist forces in the US.
Wirral's waterfront is only the second place outside the USA to be accorded American Civil War Heritage Site status by the Civil War Preservation Trust.
The engraving, by watchmaker Jonathan Dillon, is dated April 13, 1861, and reads in part: "Fort Sumpter was attacked by the rebels" and "thank God we have a government." The American Civil War began when Confederate troops opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, on April 12, 1861.
This is a significant contribution to the political and social history of the antebellum South, and is essential to gaining a deeper understanding of the American Civil War. This book is recommended for those who have already spent time studying Civil War battles.
It's a successor volume to his ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR published in 1996 and comes from a historian who examines in depth the military history of the first three years of the war--command decisions and tactics as well as ordinary soldier experience.
The Lincoln Prize, awarded annually by Gettysburg College to the best work in English about Abraham Lincoln or the American Civil War, has announced that there are two joint winners of its 2009 prize.
Women in the American Civil War moves beyond the traditional description of women's wartime roles as keepers of the home and the farm.
Mennonites, Amish, and the American Civil War. By James O.
Sir - Steffan Rhys implies ("Words of the Welshmen who fought in the bloody battles of the American Civil War," Aug 9) that most first, second and third generation Welsh in America at the time of the American Civil War fought almost exclusively for the Union.
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