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largest North American frog

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1--Peak power density thresholds resulting in immobilization of tadpoles of American bullfrog, Lithobates catesbeianus (AB), and Southern leopard frog, Lithobates sphenocephalus (SLF), standardized to 100 [micro]S/cm ambient water conductivity using 4 pulse frequencies (15, 30, 60 and 120 Hz).
The fish-free American Bullfrog ponds in our study were typically large, permanent ponds set in a diverse terrestrial landscape that included field, forest and edge habitats that would be inhabited by a wide variety of pond-breeding amphibians that would use the pond.
Like other frogs and toads, the North American bullfrog generates the basic sound of its call with its vocal cords.
In May 2006, a commercial American bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) ranaculture facility suffered massive (>50%) deaths of frogs that had recently undergone metamorphosis.
The ability of the North American bullfrog to act as a vector for chytrid range expansion has been hypothesized (9,10).
Regardless of the cause of the deaths, the North American bullfrog may be relatively resistant to chytridiomycosis, at least under the environmental conditions in the current study.
Among amphibians, the impact falls mainly on a few of the large-bodied frog species, such as American bullfrogs, "themselves terrific predators," says David Green of the Redpath Museum at McGill University in Montreal.
It appears there are two main theories as to how the chytrid fungus has spread so quickly through Central America; one is through the global shipments of African clawed frogs and the other is through the export of North American bullfrogs, both of which have a tolerance for the fungus.
TOGETHERNESS American bullfrogs in an open drainpipe taken in the Sierra Nevada, California, by Ines Labunski Roberts.
The disease was first identified in the UK in American bullfrogs in 2005, when thousands of tadpoles were destroyed in a bid to contain it.
AMERICAN bullfrogs could hold the key to eliminating the MRSA superbug from hospital wards, scientists said yesterday.
Scientists at St Andrews University have developed a treatment for the bug, which is resistant to antibiotics, from an enzyme found in the skin of American bullfrogs.
It was found for the first time last month in a contained population of North American bullfrogs in the South-East of England.
The broad array includes American bullfrogs and tadpoles, African bullfrogs, Vietnamese mossy frogs, smooth-sided toads, Chinese gliding frogs, African clawed frogs, Budgett's frogs, ornate-homed frogs, golden mantella frogs, fire-bellied toads, Mexican dumpy frogs, waxy monkey frogs, smokey jungle frogs, and dyeing poison frogs.
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