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Synonyms for bulldog

a sturdy thickset short-haired breed with a large head and strong undershot lower jaw

attack viciously and ferociously

throw a steer by seizing the horns and twisting the neck, as in a rodeo

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They left with eight XL American bulldogs after allegedly holding a knife to the throat of a 10-year-old girl.
American bulldog Luna was found dead in this alleyway
A male American bulldog and 12 puppies were seized from Horvath's and Farkas' address by police while an investigation was carried out.
Willows Veterinary and Cheshire dogs home, Pawsome pets Christmas appeal; Pictured are Cheshire Dogs home supervisor Jacqui Tierney with Niomi the American Bulldog cross and Vet Rachel Dean
Caption: IVER JOHNSON (IJ) MODEL 1900 "AMERICAN BULLDOG," .22LR, 95%: $125
This is the story of Kermit, a young American Bulldog which was left for dead on the streets.
The dogs awaiting adoption include an American bulldog and three Staffordshire bull terriers, one pet who is deaf, and a greyhound who can't live with "small furry animals as she is trained to chase them".
American bulldog Dottie was picked up as a stray by Maxi's Mates Rescue and Rehoming Centre on June 26.
Police were called to Commercial Street in Rishton at 6pm on Friday, June 23, after the youngster was bitten by an American Bulldog at his home.
AN American bulldog attacked an unsuspecting elderly man and his small terrier after it escaped from a garden in Northumberland.
Memphis was initially thought to be the banned breed, American pit bull, but tests later revealed he was an American bulldog.
Nasim Khan, of Scopsley Green in Whitley, Dewsbury, is accused of causing unnecessary suffering to the American bulldog by subjecting it to blunt force trauma.
A PET owner has become one of the first people in South Wales to be prosecuted under new laws after his American bulldog attacked a guide dog.
Aside from the Team Kovu Challenge, also set to happen on that day are the Philippine Canine Sports Alliance Official Agility Trials, Beginner's Fun Challenge, All American Bulldog Show and a photo contest.
The painfully thin American bulldog was discovered in Nicholls Street, Hillfields, on Wednesday, October 28.
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