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On Iraq, whose semi-democracy was achieved at a heavy price in American blood, Obama's only operative statement was a reminder of the withdrawal of US troops, along with a vapid commitment to remain a "steadfast partner".
We've got to prepare the American people for a significant expenditure of American blood and treasure," he added.
But Bush didn't actually spend American blood and treasure to secure Iraqi oil for America.
But in a Continent liberated by American blood and treasure, this ''peace'' activist can, along with fellow European Nobelists Harold Pinter, Dario Fo and Jose Saramago, bash the U.
Haemophiliac Mr Longstaff was infected with hepatitis C by imported American blood products in the early 1970s, and contracted HIV in the same way around 10 years later.
As Iraq has shown, they're not good at holding overseas territories (though they seize them quickly enough), have developed no effective imperial governing class, seem to believe what they say when promising "liberation" to peoples they have conquered, and have a tendency to become impatient to leave once the bullets start flying and American blood is shed.
He broke into a speech by Nationalist MSP Brian Adam and shouted: 'I have American blood products in me - why don't you give me a public inquiry?
I hope we are not risking American blood because it's tax-free.
Whatever Tony Blair does, it will largely be fought with American bombs and American blood.
The Government has bought an American blood supplier for almost pounds 50 million to secure long-term stocks of plasma products for the NHS.
government," he concluded, "has a moral and political obligation to prevent known killers from sitting comfortably in Benghazi, Libya, or Damascus, Syria, and benefiting from having shed American blood.
He quoted Senator John McCain opposing the idea of a ground war, thereby--virtually for the first time among the three publications--introducing the concept of death into an analysis of the deployment: "'We cannot even contemplate, in my view, trading American blood for Iraqi blood.
The AIDS era in American blood banking began on Jan.
According to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA), African American blood donors provide blood with unique antigens that is vital for people battling sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases.
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