Anas rubripes

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a dusky duck of northeastern United States and Canada


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Birdwatchers have been converging on the Conwy RSPB reserve hoping for a sight of an extremely rare visitor, an American black duck thought to have been blown right across the Atlantic
The 1980s counts documented the crash of the American black duck, resulting in wildlife biologists decreasing hunting pressure on them.
The move will conserve and protect migratory waterfowl habitat within those areas, with special consideration given to the American black duck.
Puddle ducks--Mallard, American black duck, Northern pintail, Wigeon, Green-winged teal, Blue-winged teal, Cinnamon teal, Northern shoveler, Gadwall, Wood duck, Mottled duck, Fulvous whistling duck, Black-bellied whistling duck
Pharmacokinetics of a single intramuscular injection of ceftiofur crystalline-free acid in American black ducks (Anas rubripes).
The things people see are common loons, American black ducks, common mergansers, common golden eyes, and ring-necked ducks.
Bald eagles, American black ducks, seaside sparrows, cerulean warblers, black rails, New England cottontail rabbits and shortnose sturgeons all find a home there.
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