Castor canadensis

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a variety of beaver found in almost all areas of North America except Florida

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The genome would allow scientists to understand the population dynamics of the 10 million to 15 million North American beavers that live on the continent.
A summary of North American beaver management 19461948.
The "alert list" of species which are not yet in the wild in Britain but which could pose a future threat include the Arctic fox, sacred ibis, leopard cat, racoon and American beaver.
The North American beaver (Castor canadensis) was native to the southwestern United States on most streams having permanent water.
Now the extraordinary tale of the man who saved the American beaver from extinction in the 1930s is to be made into a movie.
The American beaver, the chinook salmon, the western meadowlark and the Oregon swallowtail butterfly will benefit from the 16 grants awarded recently.
American beaver (Castor canadensis Kuhl) occurs naturally in nearly every available aquatic habitat in North America, with the exceptions of the arctic tundra, high montane environs, southwestern deserts, and peninsular Florida (Hall 1981; Jenkins & Busher 1979).
November is a good time of year to look for the American beaver, our state animal, and beavers are busy building in Fall Creek.
Unlike the larger, more destructive North American beaver, environmentalists say the European species should be a force for good in the countryside.
In order, the answers are American beaver, milk, Western meadowlark, square dance, Dr.
The 1969 Legislature made it official, proclaiming the American beaver - whose Latin name, Castor canadensis, doesn't sound very American - the state animal.
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