American Baptist Convention

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an association of Northern Baptists

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The conservative association was born out of doctrinal controversy with the American Baptist Convention in 1948.
Sloan, professor of education at Teacher's College, Columbia University, only indirectly mentioned the Baptist experience, but his conclusions are probably fairly close to the former American Baptist Convention's history during the 1950s to 1970s.
(49.) Yearbook, American Baptist Convention, 1969-1970, 136.
Although fifty-six of the sixty-four contributors enlisted were Southern Baptists, four writers from England and four from the American Baptist Convention were asked to write articles based on their reputation as competent biblical scholars and their long identification with Baptist life.
The American Baptist Convention must not have read the Biblical Recorder Two years later in 1894, American Baptists ordained Edith Hill.
For many Maritime Baptists, there was a closer identification with the goals and evangelistic ethos of the SBC than to the American Baptist Convention, which was much closer geographically.
At that time the decision was made for Central to "declare itself definitely and positively to be aligned with the American Baptist Convention." (20) A very difficult time ensued, for the year 1956 changed the course of history for the seminary.
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