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The ABA's record of service earned this praise from America's Promise Founding Chairman and current Secretary of State Colin Powell: "No organization has done as much as the American Bankers Association to advance the cause of helping America's youth."
Schutze, chairman of NACHA's Electronic Check Council and director of eStrategies at the American Bankers Association. "NACHA's estimate shows that retailers are beginning to take advantage of the savings and efficiencies inherent in electronic payments rather than paper processing, and that this method of check conversion is growing rapidly."
"Financial Supermakets, Inc., not only understands our industry; they have committed to providing one-stop, in-store financial centers in full compliance with the new security guidelines developed between FMI and the American Bankers Association."
2 American Bankers Association, "1994 ABA Check Fraud Survey," November 30, 1994.
Nowadays, federal officials boast of a "growing partnership between the banking industry and law enforcement." Not that the partnership is entirely voluntary: As White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey warned in a November 1997 keynote address to the American Bankers Association, banks that do not cooperate risk "being fined" or "having their charters revoked." Perhaps the key step came three years ago, when federal law began requiring banks to report "suspicious" transactions, defined as those that have no "business or apparent lawful purpose" or are "not the sort of transaction in which the particular customer would normally be expected to engage, [when] the institution [can learn of] no reasonable explanation for the transaction."
The letter says, "Your support of HR 4455 will go a long way in encouraging information exchange that we believe will happen among our members if the right legislation is passed." Other signatories included the American Bankers Association and the American Insurance Association.
The American Bankers Association said it was the largest error in the history of US banking.
"The banking business was hard to get into if you were in the wrong religious or ethnic group," concedes Denis O'Toole, a former lobbyist for the American Bankers Association. "The industry was dominated by Ivy League types, the Brahmins of the community." Savings and loan executives, understanding that their survival depended on political favor, became powerful political animals.
The American Bankers Association and its affiliate, the Bank Marketing Association, has sold its online financial database--FINIS--as well as the print product--Banking Literature Index to UMI.
Katherine Donohoe, manager of private banking for the Washington-based American Bankers Association.
Release date- 01082019 - The American Bankers Association today announced that Illinois banker Michael L.
The American Bankers Association (ABA) is seeking safe harbour for banks in the insurance distribution business.
WASHINGTON: The American Bankers Association announced that it will donate a total of $45,000 to three different funds created by California banks to help those impacted by the fires including bank employees.
Last week officials with CUNA and the American Bankers Association said they were still confused by the rules, scheduled to take effect Oct.
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