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Two thousand American air force staff were interviewed for duty - and one third rejected.
The veteran actor plays a secret agent on a mission to stop a nuclear warhead being detonated at an American air force base in Britain.
Two American Air Force fighter planes on route to the North East came close to a British Airways regional passenger aircraft, an official accident report said today.
Love blossomed in February 2003 when the couple met through their work in supply and logistics at the American Air Force base at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk.
I should also mention the sweets that have been cruelly robbed of their Britishness by the corporate branding fetish of faceless multinationals: Marathon (Snickers is something Muttley does in Wacky Races, not an item of confectionery); Treets (now M&Ms -- literary-minded readers will recall that in Joseph Heller's Catch 22 M&M Enterprises is the company run by an American air force officer who rents US bombers to the Nazis), and Opal Fruits (a Starburst is a terrifying cosmic phenomenon, not a juicy fruit sweet that's Made To Make Your Mouth Water).
He insisted, however, that the team are continuing their build-up for the new campaign and will travel to Suffolk this weekend to take on American Air Force teams at the Lakenheath and Mildenhall bases.
The busty former madame claims she has been hit by Gulf War Syndrome after sleeping with a hunky American air force man.
Tod was in the American air force at the time and his wife worked as a barmaid in Manchester.
The floor plan of the planes was posted on the website of an American air force base.
He was flown back from Kuwait to an American Air Force base in Britain and was being driven to Manchester Airport to catch a flight to Houston, Texas, when he stopped off at a pub in Marsden for a sandwich and a drink.
Any soldier in Heller's American Air Force could go home if they were insane - all they had to do was ask.
The American Air Force Shoot Yourself in the FootAward: A landslide vote forSunderland's magnificent three own goals in seven minutes against (or for) Charlton.
The sections of the work based on second-hand knowledge, such as those dealing with the American air force high command and the Anglo-American policies concerning area or city bombing do not measure up to the rest of the novel.
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