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naked freshwater or marine or parasitic protozoa that form temporary pseudopods for feeding and locomotion

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SCIENCE MEETS MUSIC: Ameoba to Zebra - a musical exploration of evolution at The Parish
Unfortunately, some, like full back Lloyd Doyley, have the football intelligence of an ameoba.
The bands, Ameoba and Aura, enjoyed a short but busy stay and, with the help of the Dutch media, performed gigs in each of the above mentioned countries, played in live radio sessions and made TV appearances.
As young, up and coming bands they have already drawn attention to themselves in the UK, Ameoba have just completed their first album here and are now looking at a management deal in London, while Aura are starting to make major waves with some support shows for Velvet Revolver and an appearance at the Download Festival later in the year.
There will also be a Scottish stage at the Trongate, compered by Clyde 2's Dean Park, with ceilidh bands including The Tartan Ameobas, the Fraser McLelland Ceilidh Band and the Gutty Slippers.