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a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence


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What they bring to the party is that they are one of the largest arrangers of Japanese equity to finance Japanese operating leases, said Mitchell Simpson, chief financial officer of Amentum.
In a year for the second time, Amentum is changing ownership.
Formed eight years ago, Amentum holds in management a portfolio of 26 aircrafts worth USD2 billion.
These two terms may seem "irreconcilable," but as philologists have for a while now suggested, "the union of the two ideas is explained by the ancient habit of whirling a spear round by means of the amentum attached to it, so as to give it a greater velocity at the moment of discharging it" (Key 104).
He also says it has reached agreements to return two A320s to AWAS, two to Aircastle and two to Amentum Capital.